August 22, 2021 – Hurricane Day

Today Wilma, Gus, and I had a quiet and dark day at home due to Hurricane Henri, although thankfully we were able to sneak out for a morning walk. We actually did not end up getting much of Henri, but I planned for a day at home with new bones, new toys, and Gus was lucky to have a new toy from a kind and giving family friend. I was quite proud that Gus did so well on this inside day, as we are an outside-as-much-as-possible family. Gus is not a high energy puppy but I would definitely consider him busy on a “normal” day however he seemed to know that this dark day was perfect for resting. Wilma enjoyed the day of relaxation, but also appreciated the new squeaky toys. She also loved some extra belly rubs. I enjoyed cuddling with them on the couch and relaxing, in between some catching up around the house.

We ended the day with some home made pumpkin dog treat, which I believe they enjoyed as they gobbled them right up. Although I was super bummed to end summer vacation with a rainy, sleepy day, maybe a good introduction to a new routine that will not involve the majority of the time outside. This schedule will increase our “normal” local walks but we still will look forward to taking and sharing new Adventure….already planning for next weekend. Hope those of you who are local stayed safe through Henri.

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