August 28, 2021 – Burlington, Vermont

Yesterday Wilma, Gus, and I Adventured to Burlington, Vermont. Burlington is located on the eastern shore of Lake Champlain and is one of the largest populated cities in Vermont. Burlington is a popular tourist destination known for the recreational activities, shops, arts and restaurants. It is also home to three colleges.

We had a perfect mountain-view Adventure to Burlington, Vermont. I had been to Burlington many years ago with Shadow and Buster, so almost felt like it was our first visit. I do not know if Burlington has grown in popularity or if we just picked a very busy day to visit. We eventually found parking and spent about two hours wandering around. Although overcast I was thrilled to have a cooler day. We walked, trotted, and posed all around town. My favorite aspect of Burlington was the gorgeous mountains from afar framing Lake Champlain. They were all different shades and just spectacular. Part of exploring included: Church Street Marketplace, Perkins Pier Marina, the Bike Trail, and waterfront paths, allowing continual views of the mountains and bobbing boats along the Lake. A bit challenging to capture the area in photography on a dark day but did my best to summarize this Adventure. Definitely worth a very long road trip as we really enjoyed our Adventure to Burlington (Rating: 4).

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