August 28, 2021 – Downtown Montpelier, Vermont

Yesterday Wilma, Gus and I Adventured to Montpelier, Vermont. Montpelier is the capital of Vermont and the location of the state’s government. It is the smallest capital in the United States.

We had a bridge-filled Adventure to Montpelier. Montpelier was one of our stops on our way to our final destinations, and we spent about 45 minutes exploring the downtown area. The town was quite busy due to a farmer’s market, and we found many enjoying the grounds of the beautiful capital. We walked along the downtown area and found several nearby bridges. There appeared to be a large homeless population, who seemed to frequent these bridges, but I guess that is to be expected in a more metropolitan area of a predominantly rural state. I have been to Montpelier several times and it was nice on this occasion to explore the town more in depth. Of course as you may expect my favorite part to Downtown Montpelier is the gorgeous state building, lined with flowers and green space. Wilma loved rolling in the grass and Wilma and Gus continually wanted to play, definitely quite an Adventure on the leash. A little difficult to capture the location between the darkness and some complications with camera setting but I did my best. So glad we found a great location to stretch our legs and explore (This blog will not be rated).

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