September 6, 2021 – Cohasset, Massachusetts

Today Wilma, Gus, and I Adventured to Cohasset, Massachusetts. Cohasset is a coastal town in Southern Massachusetts.

We had a boat-filled Adventure to Cohasset. Cohasset was one of our three destinations today but our only new one. Surprisingly I do not think I have ever been to or driven through Cohasset so was excited to find this new, somewhat local destination. We first started walking around the Harbor area. The Harbor was absolutely beautiful all sorts of boats bobbing in the water. There were some docks, sidewalks and many places to stop and appreciate the gorgeous coastal scene. After exploring the waterfront we headed to the town. The town was small but had shops, green areas, several historic buildings, restaurants and several churches.

Lastly, I attempted to find some beaches but they were for residents only and/or not dog friendly. The prettiest location on our Adventure was actually the view along the coast as we drove, gorgeous ocean views and beyond spectacular mansions. The sad thing that there was nowhere to park or take in the scenery but definitely a lovely, and wealthy part of Cohasset. During our visit Wilma especially loved lounging in the grass and wading in the water while Gus loved exploring the smells of the lobster traps and trotting along with his big sister. So glad we could visit Cohasset today (Rating: 4).

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