September 5, 2021 – Hayward’s Ice Cream – New Hampshire

Today Wilma, Gus, and I Adventured to Hayward’s Ice Cream in Nashua, New Hampshire. Hayward’s Ice Cream is a family owned business and have been making ice cream since 1940. Hayward’s Ice Cream is a well known location in Southern New Hampshire.

We had an interesting Adventure to Hayward’s Ice Cream. I had heard about Hayward’s Ice Cream many years ago and thought tonight would be the perfect time to check it out. We arrived to find a simple location, with reasonable lines. I was not planning on getting Gus ice cream due to his still sensitive stomach, however when I found out they offered dogs a small bowl of whip cream I thought that would work for him, and of course Wilma would be thrilled as well. I was excited to order a root beer float for myself! I decided to have Wilma and Gus eat their treats in the car before getting out to wander around. They were both quite pleased with this tasty treat gobbling it up in a hurry. We then walked around to check out the grounds. There were some swinging seats, seating, and a small playground. After finishing exploring we headed back to the car. I walked over to get a napkin and when I returned Gus had literally emptied my root beer all over the seat ice cream and soda. He was enjoying eating anything he could, not living me a bit of this delicious float. I was so disappointed, but yet a great story for after the fact. So glad we could enjoy Hayward’s Ice Cream tonight…well Wilma and Gus could enjoy Hayward’s Ice Cream (haha!) (Rating: 4).

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