Throwback Adventure

If you follow my blog regularly please skip down to paragraph three….

I have decided to make some changes to my Throwback section. This is partly because I have had the blog for about three years and each week I have posted an Adventure from before I started the blog. This has become more challenging between finding old photographs, and identifying the location. Although I will still be adding some here and and there I thought I would also use the Throwback Adventure to share past Adventures I have posted. I have new followers, and of course not every follower has been able to view all blogs. This Throwback blog will also allow me an opportunity to share special memories of my boys, Shadow and Buster who have passed. They began my life of wonderful adventures with my rescues, and will be furever in our hearts!

Today’s Throwback Adventure is from the Long Trail in Vermont, almost two years ago. Shadow, Wilma, My Parents and I Adventured to this Trail, which I found while waterfall chasing. It was amazingly gorgeous on a perfect Fall day. Even better both of my parents joined us on this adventure, making it just right. Below you will find one photo highlight but you can also click on the link below to see the original blog. Seeing this blog makes me excited about Fall, just around the corner.

The Long Trail

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