October 30, 2021 – Acadia National Park – Maine

Yesterday Wilma, Gus, and I Adventured to Acadia National Park in Maine. Acadia National Park is a Park in Northeastern Maine that encompasses half of Mount Desert Island, and also is situated on the Schoodic Peninsula and Isle au Haut. It is 47,000 acres and popular for fall foliage seekers, winter skiing, spring fishing and hiking.

We had a gorgeous Adventure to Acadia National Park. I was thrilled that the weathermen predicted the weather incorrectly, so although some of the day was dark and cloudy there was hardly a drop of rain. On our Adventure our stops included: Cadillac Mountain, Jordan Pond, the Ocean Path, Otter Cliffs, and Sand Beach. We spent over five hours walking, and also explored every little area we could find. It was a beautiful day, and much warmer then expected. Acadia National Park is definitely one, if not the most beautiful spots in New England. I look forward to our next visit (Rating: 5).

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