December 12, 2021 – Gus Meets Santa

Today we were excited to do a photo shoot with Santa! This was Gus’ first time meeting Santa! I was not sure what to expect as Gus is often nervous around those he does not know let alone someone so magical (haha!) However I thought it would be fun, and love these holiday photos so thought we would attempt this meeting. Gus was a little nervous but I was surprised that he was pretty brave. He did not want to get too close to Santa, however warmed up a bit, and I would guess if it was not a very short visit he likely would have ended up in his lap.

As expected Wilma was the perfect poser, and was quite eager to eat the treats provided by Santa and his reindeer. I am not sure why I find these kind of events and photos so entertaining, but I just love these moments and snapshots.

I wanted to thank Quite Fetching Barkery and Pet Boutique in Grafton, Massachusetts! They not only host events like meetings with Santa Clause they also have amazing cakes, and a shop. Definitely check them out if you are a crazy dog mama like me!

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