January 22, 2022 – Nahant Beach Reservation – Massachusetts

Today Wilma, Gus, and I Adventured to Nahant Beach Reservation in Nahant, Massachusetts. Nahant Beach Reservation contains approximately 67 acres of beaches, recreational areas and a promenade with views of the coast. Dogs are allowed on the beach in the off-season.

We had a fun Adventure to Nahant Beach, our new Adventure after our local walk. I was sure I had been there before but upon arrival I immediately realized I was remembering a different beach. Pleased to find a quiet location, we first headed down the bike trail, I am assuming the “promenade”. We spent some time walking before heading onto the beach. We walked around exploring this new beach, both Wilma and Gus loving the different shells, and leftovers from the sea. There was snow on the beach, and near the shoreline adding quite the picturesque scene.

After enjoying the beach we crossed the street to what appeared to be a paved trail. Wilma and Gus found even more shells and smells to appreciate. We walked a bit and enjoyed the view of the sun over the skyline. So glad we could adventure to Nahant Beach Reservation today (Rating: 3.5).

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