Happy Easter!

I wanted to wish my friends, family, and followers a very Happy Easter! We of course had to have a photo shoot with the bunny ears. I debated going to see the Easter Bunny but figured that would be a little too traumatic for Gus so backyard photos became the plan. Gus took some warming up to the ears, but soon became quite the poser, along with model sister Wilma.

We will finally be starting back to our walks this week, as we have most of our new equipment in place. I am sure our outings will be modest for some time as I build my confidence from our emergency in Maine. It is amazing to see how Miracle Gus has not skipped a beat! Every moment with these two is even more precious! We are looking forward to sharing future adventures, no matter how simple.

Oh, and of course I had to include some photographs from the past, including Wilma last year, and Shadow and Wilma from a previous year. Unfortunately Buster never had the opportunity to meet the Easter Bunny but I am sure he would have loved him!

Happy Easter!

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