May 16, 2022 – Long Hill – Massachusetts

Today Wilma, Gus, my Mom and I Adventured to Long Hill and Sedgwick Gardens in Beverly, Massachusetts.  This property is a 114 acres in size, the former estate of Ellery and Mabel Sedgwick.  It is currently owned and managed by the Trustees of Reservation.  The property includes:  gardens, the brick estate, trails, an orchard, a child’s garden, the “Food Project”, and a library specializing in horticulture.  There is currently a $10 charge for adults to enter Long Hill, although those with a Trustees pass can enter for free.

We had a colorful, fragrant, and relaxing Adventure to Long Hill. I have not been to, nor blogged about this park in three years, so was very excited to return. Off we headed and the memories of our first visit came flashing back. There were endless lovely flowers, and the gardens had been expanded since our initial visit. We walked, took photographs, and enjoyed the atmosphere. There were few other visitors, which of course I appreciated. Life has been challenging over the last several months, so our adventures in the outdoors always adds that peace to the soul. I was BEYOND disappointed to learn that my memory card was not in my camera, so therefore there are no gorgeous photographs to show. I still decided to blog about Long Hill as it is a unique, dog-friendly location. So glad we could visit Long Hill today (Rating: 4).

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