July 3, 2022 – Kayaking – Forge Pond, Massachusetts

Today Gus and I adventured to Forge Pond in Westford, Massachusetts. Although this was not out first Adventure to Forge Pond I have not blogged about it before…until today. Forge Pond is a 203 acre Pond located in Westford, and Littleton, also referred to as Lake Matawanakee. Forge Pond is reasonably developed with homes, has a private neighborhood beach, and a public beach. As expected it is popular for boating, fishing, and swimming.

We had a relaxing adventure to Forge Pond. We parked on the launch on Beaver Brook Road and off we went. My plan was to go through the tunnel and paddle along Beaver Brook. Gus was far from a fan of the tunnel but we made it through with few spider webs upon us (haha). I soon realized the paddling was not really an option due to the thick surface-seaweed so snapped a couple photos and headed back to the pond.

We then paddled out to the Pond. Gus was a little wiggly and antsy at first and it was quite windy so we decided to float and explore more then paddle. We saw lovely lilies, lots of adorable turtles and a heron, although difficult to capture on film. Even with several unexpected detours it really was a beautiful day. (This blog will not be rated).

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