Other Tidbits, Fun, and News

Today is the one year anniversary of precious Gus joining our family! It is one of those special days I will remember furever❤️ We had to pick him up at a quarantine shelter after he came up north. We checked in and soon after he was headed down the hallway. He appeared terrified but as soon as he was near me he fell into my arms… like he knew we were meant to be together ❤️ It was beyond amazing ❤️

I introduced Wilma and Gus slowly and they have become the best of friends, still seeming to bond more and more every day! Gus loves playing, cuddling, going on adventures, and has become quite the kayaking partner. He brings joy and cheer to every day and we were clearly meant to be together ❤️

I must send a shout out to Paws and Claws Rescue and Gus’ foster parents Deb and Al for caring for Gus, placing him with me, and their continued dedication to many more!

Below you will see some photographs from our first meeting, meeting Mighty Gus:

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