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I am excited to announce that I will be adding a new category to my Menu, New England Rail Trails!! I have been to many Rail Trails over the years so thought it was time to add this category. I am hoping that I did not miss any, but there is always a chance of that. Most blogs are adventures on just the Rail Trail, however some of the blogs include them as part of the Adventure. I have been sick for over two weeks now and have been miserable this weekend. Therefore, I thought this was a good time to add this category having no new blogs to share.

I decided to pick a variety of photographs from these blogs and create a collage below. We have explored Rail Trails in all seasons and found quite the variety of scenery from bridges to sculptures to wood to lakes, and much more. Wilma definitely has been the queen of the Rail Trails, having been to the majority of Trails. However, I believe the first one I discovered was when I resided in Pepperell and enjoyed the local Rail Trail regularly with Shadow and Buster. Gus has been to many, and I am sure there will be more to come. Below you will see the direct link, however you can also find this category in the menu.


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