December 18, 2022 – Lynn Shore Drive and Red Rock Park – Massachusetts

Today Wilma, Gus, and I Adventured to Lynn Shore Drive and Red Rock Park in Lynn, Massachusetts. Lynn Shore Drive starts at King’s Beach in Swampscott and ends at Nahant Beach which begins the causeway to Nahant. The pathway is paved and borders the ocean, passing beaches including Lynn Beach. It has benches along the way and provides views of Egg Rock, Nahant Bay, and distant views of the Boston Skyline.

We had a refreshing Adventure to this coastal pathway. I have had my eyes on it since we visited Nahant Reservation and was eager to check it out. We parked street side at King’s Beach and off we went. The morning sun added a lovely addition to the beautiful shore. We spent a little time on the beach where Gus enjoyed some digging and Wilma attempted some playing. However we mostly trotted down the paved trail. The dogs were overly intrigued by the smells but Wilma did enjoy a roll or two along the route. She was also obsessed with walking above the trail and when doing so walker at a speedy pace. I found this quite entertaining! You might not expect lovely scenery in the city of Lynn but definitely a great trail worth the visit (Rating: 3.5)

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