Gus Turns Two!!

We are so excited to celebrate the Birthday of our amazing boy Gus! We had a wonderful trip to Nantucket this week so celebrated before and along the way! I bought him a fancy cake, and although he was not a fan of wearing the party hat while eating, we used it to decorate his little table. Gus was a little unsure of the cake at first but soon started devouring every bite! We saved some layers for Wilma and partied hard (haha)! (This cake was made by the amazing Quite Fetching Barkery in Grafton!) Grandma and Grandpa even over some new toys – just so fun!

We continued the celebration in Nantucket, enjoying endless walks and adventures! Gus posed in his hat like a trooper, and Wilma joined in the party. The sun even came out in Nantucket today, on his big day!

Gus has been such a special joy in our lives. He loves to play, cuddle with his loved ones, exploring on all of our adventures,and racing around the yard. We could not be happier that he is part of our family.

Happy Birthday Sweet Gus!

PS – There will soon be some adventure posts on Nantucket!

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