Other Tidbets, Fun, and News

I am excited to inform my friends, and followers that I will be adding a kayaking section to my blog! As many of you know Gus often joins me on my kayaking trips. We have not yet been out this year but hope to change that soon. He sometimes will nap, while other will sit or stand and enjoys the view. The kayak has not yet tipped, although one occasion he somehow ended up out of the boat, but the handle on the lifebelt let me lift him right back in. Gus seems to enjoy this past time and I love his company! I have thought of bringing Wilma but she is about twenty pounds heavier, and does not like tipping movements, like that of a dock… so I feel she would not enjoy this experience. The lucky lady, however, often hangs out with Grandma and Grandpa on these adventures which is a perfect day as well! I will mostly just post new places we have been to but on occasion may re-post on a different days’ adventure. As you may expect I will only blog those times Gus is with me on these paddles. I have attached the link below for past kayaking adventures and look forward to adding more soon.


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