July 27, 2018 – Campton/Beebe Falls – New Hamsphire

Yesterday Shadow, Wilma, and I visited Campton Falls (also known as Beebe Falls) in Campton, New Hampshire.  Campton Falls is a traditional waterfall, that is approximately fifteen feet in height.  The Falls drops to a gorge, and rushes into the Beebe River below.

We were impressed with our adventure to Campton Falls today.  Campton Falls is located on the side of the road, however, it took us some time to find a way to get down to the Falls for a more personal view.  The trails were steep, rocky, and somewhat hazardous.  I actually received some cuts and scratches with an unplanned skid down the rocks.  Even Shadow and Wilma appeared hesitant at moments.  However, slowly, and carefully we made it down to the base of at least the main falls.   The waterfall, and rushing gorge were beyond brilliant, the music delightful.  The rocks surrounding the area added a unique touch, gorgeous in color, and uneven in shape.

I was ecstatic that Shadow found a little pool, as the current was strong if you wandered too far.  So although we made it, I was somewhat disappointed that there was not a great place for them to sit and relax, as we had to be extra cautious about our footing.  Of course I was still very happy that we were able to visit this stunning location.  Definitely a spectacular waterfall which I would recommend to others (Rating:  4)


July 1, 2018 – New Hampshire – The Basin and the Basin-Cascades Trail

Today we visited the Basin, and traversed the Basin-Cascades Trail in the Fraconia Notch State Park.  The Basin is situated along the Pemigewassett River.  It is a curved waterfall which flows through carved rock, ending in a pool of water.  The area has various water areas to explore.  The Basin-Cascades Trail follows the Cascade Brook, and provides views of various waterfalls and cascades, including:  Kinsman Falls, and Rocky Glen Falls.

We have been to the Basin, and the Basin-Cascades Trail numerous times, with my Mom, Shadow, Buster, and Wilma. Upon parking you immediately hear the sound of crashing water.  It is absolutely beautiful spot, with bridges, beach-like areas, streams, cascades, lots of rocks and boulders, and waterfalls.  As you embark on the trail it slopes up slowly, with beautiful cascades and waterfalls along the trail.  There are many rocks to lounge, relax, and enjoy a snack.  It is amazing as the more you walk the more exciting it becomes.  The water in the summer is more flowing, while the Fall is especially beautiful with colorful foliage.  I highly recommend a visit to this gorgeous stop in the Fraconia Notch State Park.  I will include photographs from some of our visits (Rating:  5)

June/July 2018:


June 2017:

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October 2016:


October 2014:


June 10, 2018 – Massachusetts – Ashuelot River Park, Walpole Creamery, and Beaver Brook Falls

Today we had three adventures in Keene, NH.  It was a beautiful spring day, the perfect temperature for some shady hikes.  Our first stop was at the Ashuelot River Park.  The Ashuelot River Park is a 157 acre park, which includes the River, and adjoining wetlands.  There are numerous trails throughout the park, many alongside the River.  The trails are especially popular for bicyclists.

When we first arrived at the Park we found a well groomed open area, with beautiful flowers, and benches.  We quickly arrived at the pedestrian bridge, and the Old Mill Dam.  We spent a couple hours wandering the beautiful trails, mostly choosing the route neighboring the River.  There were a couple spots along the trail that were near residential areas, but mostly we felt away from the world, and at peace with nature.  The birds were chirping, and the scenery was peaceful.  It was a great Park of which to enjoy the day (Rating:  4).












Our second stop today was the Walpole Creamery in downtown Keene.  I always love finding an ice cream stop with an outdoor window, and dog ice cream available for the pups.  We made our purchase and found a quiet grassy area to enjoy our ice cream, and to sit for a bit.  It is good to note that there were some nicely shaded umbrella areas in front of the creamery, but I figured we would be more comfortable in the grassy shade.  We each greatly enjoyed our refreshing ice cream.  Shadow and Wilma then enjoyed some time playing, and rolling around in the grass.  Definitely the perfect, and energizing break in between our stops (Rating:  4)






Our last stop of the day was at the Beaver Brook Waterfall.  The trail was less then a mile long, slowly sloping upwards, on an old New Hampshire highway.  The trail was not too picturesque, with wires above and the sounds of local traffic nearby.  It was therefore especially pleasant to hear the babbling Beaver Brook, reminding us that we were truly on on adventure in nature.  We walked along the top of the gorge, and could see the Brook far below.  However, I was so disappointed to arrive at the Falls, as I found no viewing opportunities.  We could hear the magical sound of the water, but yet it was so overgrown that there was not a glimpse in site.  Possibly with some steep, risky climbs, but yet with two dogs in tow, really not an option.  So although I feel like I must have missed something, we never did see the Beaver Brook Falls.   I attempt to think like a dog in these times, and just enjoy the moment, and the experience.  Luckily there were some moments to dip into the Brook, a rock to pose on, and I even saw a beaver like creature along the trail.  Glad we attempted to see this waterfall, while in Keene (Rating:  2)





Throwback Adventure – Quechee Gorge , Vermont – October 2016

I will have sections of my blog that I will title “Throwback Adventure”, and will plan on posting them every Thursday.  These are journeys we have taken before I started the blog, but are well worth sharing.

Shadow, Buster, and I journeyed to the Quechee Gorge in October 2016.  We have been there other times, but this trip we thoroughly explored the Park.  Sadly Buster has passed away since, but he definitely enjoyed his share of adventures.  He was an amazing boy, and will always be missed!

The Quechee Gorge is located in the Quechee State Park in Quechee, Vermont.  It is the deepest gorge in Vermont, plunging 165 feet.  The Ottauquechee River flows through the bottom of the Gorge.  The Gorge can be viewed from the bridge above, located directly on Route 4.  This scenic view really cannot be missed as it is plastered with tourists peering over the bridge for a view, and snapping photographs.  There are also trails along the Gorge, which allow for varied views of the River, and Gorge.

We choose a beautiful Fall day for this visit to the Gorge.  We climbed to the bottom trail to view the Gorge, which revealed the bridge from afar.  From there we hiked the opposite direction finding more trails, and even a little area for the dogs to swim.  It was nice to get good some good exercise, and enjoy the colorful Fall foliage.  The most beautiful spot really was the view of the Gorge directly off the bridge.  The pictures I took really could not capture the beauty of this location.  (Rating:  4)

Also, while in the area we stopped at the Quechee Covered Bridge, which spans the Ottauquechee River.  The bridge was rebuilt after being severely damaged by flooding caused by Hurricane Irene in 2011.  (Rating:  3)

The many adventures we had in October 2016 are especially precious in my heart as it was the last month of adventures we would have before losing Buster.  We are so grateful that he was able to live life to the fullest.