July 27, 2018 – New Hampshire – Blair Bridge

Today Shadow, Wilma and I visited the Blair Bridge in Campton, New Hampshire.  The Blair Bridge is a wooden bridge that crosses the Pemigewasset River.  It was originally built in 1829, but was damaged from Tropical Storm Irene in 2011, and was closed until repairs were completed in 2015.  The bridge allows for vehicle traffic, with one vehicle permitted to cross at a time.

We had quite the picturesque visit to the Blair Bridge.  I believe we have stopped their in the past, but unfortunately I was not able to locate the photographs from previous trips (if I find them at a later date I will edit my blog with those additional photographs.).  The Blair Bridge is a long bridge, highlighted by rushing River water, and the gorgeous reflection below.  We immediately found a path to the shore, allowing us to look up at in awe at this magnificent structure.  The other side of a bridge has a restaurant, with available outdoor seating.  We strolled in front of the restaurant to check out the other side of the bridge.  It was a bit more difficult to go inside the bridge, due to traffic, however we were able to capture a couple shots.  Definitely one of my favorite New England covered bridges (Rating:  5).

July 19, 2018 – Massachusetts – Sully’s Ice Cream Stand

Today Shadow, Wilma, and I visited Sully’s Ice Cream Stand in Chelmsford, Massachusetts.  Sully’s Ice Cream Stand has been family owned since 1986, and is known as “home of the super scoopers”.  Sully’s has over 100 flavors, even including several sugarless options.

We enjoyed our little outing to Sully’s Ice Cream stand.  The stand was very quiet, and we were able to place our order at the window immediately.  There were many flavor choices but I settled on coconut chip, while Shadow and Wilma’s ice cream came with a treat frozen into the ice cream.  There was limited seating, and the stand was right on a busy road so I elected to take our ice cream home.  As soon as we arrived home, we quickly gobbled up our ice cream, enjoying every bite!  I expect we will venture to Sully’s Ice Cream Stand again (Rating:  4).



Jun 23, 2018 – Massachusetts – Sullivan Farms

Tonight Shadow, Wilma, and I visited Sullivan Farms in Tyngsboro, Massachusetts.  I had heard they were a dog friendly ice cream stop, so thought we would check it out.  Sullivan’s makes their own ice cream, and have a small menu of meal items.  There is an outdoor window to order, picnic benches, and a gazebo in the back to sit, eat, and relax.  Sullivan’s Farm is located on a busy road, but the seating in the back helps to provide a bit more of a quiet atmosphere.

Shadow and Wilma were immediately excited upon arrival.  I guess that happens everywhere we go, but yet I do believe they knew some tasty ice cream was on the way.  Customer’s were happy to greet them, which always makes me smile.  Shadow and Wilma each had their own dish, each cup with two treats adorning.  Definitely the perfect dog ice cream option!  It was raining, but we were able to find a bench under a tree that kept us reasonably dry.  It is amazing how fast they inhale a cup of ice cream.  Definitely two happy, and refreshed pups.  I myself decided to get an ice cream float, quite a delicious treat on a Saturday night.  I expect we will visit Sullivan Farms again (Rating:  4, Dog Ice Cream – 5)