September 7, 2018 – Bancroft Tower – Massachusetts

Today Shadow, Wilma, and I Adventured to the Bancroft Tower in Worcester, Massachusetts. The Bancroft Tower is a natural stone, and granite structure that appears like an ancient castle. The Tower was built in 1900 in memory of George Bancroft, a secretary in the Navy, diplomat, historian and a native of Worcester, Massachusetts. The Tower was built by Brancoft’s childhood friend, Stephen Salisbury, and is situated in the Salisbury Park. The Tower is open for tours during certain days in October.

We had a magical Adventure to this spectacular, castle-like structure. Although another cloudy and dark day, we were pleased to feel like Fall is just on the horizon. Parking was available next to the Tower, and we had this intriguing landmark all to ourselves. We walked around the castle, through the arches, up the stairs, again, and again taking in this majestic Tower. The structure made you feel as though you were transformed into medieval times, away from the worries of the modern world. Definitely one of those places where you could stay for hours, such a unique, and extraordinary location. There were no colors, landscaping, or any additional perks, however our fascination with the structure was all we needed to feel fulfilled. So glad we were able to find the Bancroft Tower to explore on our adventure today (Rating: 4).