March 17, 2019 – Bailey Island Bridge/Cribstone Bridge – Maine

Yesterday we Adventured to the Bailey Island Bridge, also referred to as the Cribstone Bridge. The Bridge connects Harpswell and Orr Island.  It is made of granite slabs, and is the only cribstone bridge in the world.

We had a scenic Adventure to the Bailey Island Bridge on a windy Winter morning.  The bridge was unique, with granite slabs being held up by gravity alone!  The landscape surrounding the Bridge was absolutely gorgeous, sparkling rocks, colorful shells, seaweed covered rocks, and a bright blue sea.  We wandered around, Shadow making a bed, and relaxing in the sand, while Wilma reached into the water trying to pull out her favorite shell.  It was peaceful, and quiet, except for the sound of an occasion car flying over the bridge.  Simple, but gorgeous, just perfect for one of our last Adventures on our Maine getaway (Rating:  4).


March 17, 2019 -Lobstermans Statue – Maine

Yesterday we Adventured to the Lobstermans Statue in Bailey Island, Maine.  It is located at the tip of the Island known as Land’s End.  The Lobsterman’s Statue was built by sculptor Victor Kahill as a Memorial to Maine fisherman.  The model was made from lobsterman H Elroy Johnson in 1939, a fisherman from Harpswell Maine.  Replicas can also be found in various locations on the East Coast.

We had a chilly Adventure to the Lobsterman’s Statue on a chilly Maine day.  I was excited to check out this statue, the perfect landmark for a Maine getaway.  Upon arrival we were again greeted by a scenic Maine shoreline.  We quickly located the statue to the left and headed straight over for viewing, Wilma was not pleased to meet this frozen man, adding a good laugh to our day.  I attempted a video below of the growling, and barking  but was unable to capture the most humorous moments.  However, she did soon warm up to the Lobsterman’s Statue, jumping up close to check the mysterious man.  The surroundings of the statue were quite dull and brown, one of the expected features of the New England Winter.

After taking in the Memorial we headed over to the rocky shore and down to the beach for some Shadow relaxing, a bit of rock and shell searching, and some Wilma rock jumping.  The area had steady visitors, but was not overly crowded.  The water was gorgeous in color, while the seaweed covered rocks, the shells, and rocks adding some variation in colors and textures.  We were pleased we could visit the Lobsterman’s Statue today (Rating:  3).