September 1, 2018 – Groveton Covered Bridge – New Hamphire

Today Shadow, Wilma and I Adventured to the Groveton Covered Bridge in Northumberland, New Hampshire. The Bridge was built in 1852 by Captain Charles Richardson and his son. It traverses the Upper Ammonoosuc River.

We were happy to start the first day of September with a journey to a new covered bridge. The day was a bit cloudy, and gratefully cooler then recent days. We found the Groveton Covered Bridge just off the main road, with parking nearby. The bridge was white in color. The paint was pealing off, revealing a run-down landmark. However we were to pleased to see it stable for foot traffic, and open for exploring. We took a walk down the sides of the rivers taking photographs, and then looped far around to get a distant view. There were many wild flowers in the area, adding some bright color. We studied the architecture as we strolled through the Bridge, careful not to be run down by the constant ATV activity. After we had an opportunity to capture all available angles we decided to sit and the grass to savor the experience. A fun start to our day of Adventures in New Hampshire (Rating: 3).