February 18, 2019 – Spring Point Ledge Lighthouse – Maine

I apologize as I am slightly behind with my blogging over the last couple days, but am slowly catching up!!  On February 18, 2019 Shadow, Wilma, My Mom, and I Adventured to the Spring Point Ledge Lighthouse in Portland, Maine.  The Spring Point Ledge Lighthouse is a working lighthouse located along a breakwater in the Casco Bay.  It was built in 1897, while improvements and updates have been made since that time.  It is open to the public for tours.

We had a chilly, yet spectacular Adventure to the Spring Point Ledge Lighthouse, one of our many stops on our two day Maine getaway.  (most of which I’ve already blogged about but some new Adventures too).  I was excited to find a lighthouse that I had not yet visited, and that also provided a close-up view. Being off-season we were lucky to have the entire site to ourselves.  We began our Adventure cautiously as the paths were again ice covered, and quite slippery.  There were benches along the water, the view of the Lighthouse off in the distance.  We walked toward the breakwater, however my Mom soon decided to head back to the car to warm-up.

Upon starting on the breakwater  I soon realized that Shadow was not feeling inspired by the rocks, and slight spaces between them.  We headed back to the car and my Mom agreed to sit in the warm car with Shadow while myself and my rock-loving Wilma hustled back to the breakwater eager for our close-up view.  Wilma was thrilled for some rock jumping.  It was a bit frigid, although Wilma appeared to keep warm from her athletic jumps.  Luckily the rocks were not icy, but had some scenic snow here and there, adding a picturesque scene for photographs.  We carefully planned our jumps, some requiring steps, while others leaps as we hustled down the embankment.

It was thrilling to arrive at the Spring Point Ledge Lighthouse, a lovely structure.  We did not spend much time at the end, as we knew Shadow and My Mom were waiting for our return.  However, it was definitely worth this short visit.

I love an Adventure that is not simple, but yet requires some work to arrive at the final destination  Definitely a wonderful Adventure – Thanks to Mom for allowing us to partake in this Adventure, while providing Shadow comfort and warmth (Rating:  5).



February 18, 2019 – Two Lights State Park – Maine

I apologize as I am slightly behind with my blogging over the last couple days, but am slowly catching up!!  On February 18, 2019 Shadow, Wilma, My Mom, and I Adventured to the Two Lights State Park in Cape Elizabeth, Maine.  Two Lights State Park is a 41 acre Park that provides stunning coastal views of the Casco Bay and the Atlantic Ocean.  Unlike the name suggests there are no lighthouses directly in the Park, however the Park obtained its name from the nearby “twin” Lighthouses.  Two Light State Park is well known for the spectacular rocky shores, and is popular for picnicking and strolls along the shoreline trails.

We have enjoyed three separate Adventures to the Two Lights State Park.  Two Lights State Park has a special place in our hearts as it was the first stop my Mom and I made when we began our outdoor getaways with the dogs.  Our first visit occurred with Buster and Shadow on a very rainy September day.  However we still carried on, getting soaked along the way.  We took our first selfie EVER, the beginning of a new tradition which would capture memories, and landmarks throughout our future journeys.   On this visit I remember especially enjoying the shoreline trail, the rocky shores, beautiful flowers, and of course the overall experience and memories made.

On February 18, 2019 we had our third Adventure to Two Lights State Park on a super-cold day.  We debated a visit due to the frigid weather but were eager to check out the location in the snow.  It was lovely walking around in the snow, on as we viewed the coastal scenes.  I slipped several times, but officially managed to stay on my feet.  We especially enjoyed some snow covered steps along the trails, and the snow covered rocky shores.  This was our second visit during the month of February with Shadow and Wilma, however the first in the snow.  Definitely an appealing oceanfront Adventure to the Two Lights State Park (Rating:  4).