April 18, 2023 – A Day in Rhode Island

Yesterday, Wilma, Gus, and I Adventured to four parks in Rhode Island. Rhode Island is one of the states in New England and is the smallest state in the country. Rhode Island is known for various things including the beaches and seafood. Rhode Island has twenty-two parks in the formal Rhode Island Park system.

We had a coastal filled Adventure to Rhode Island. Our day included visits to: Beavertail State Park, Fort Adams State Park, Brenton Point State Park, and Colt State Park. We also traversed the Fort Adams Bay Walk, a pathway around Fort Adams and the grounds, and found several roadside stops, mostly floral related. Throughout our day we spent approximately five hours walking. Gus especially enjoyed all the new smells determined to get to each (haha), while Wilma took part in endless rolls. My favorite parts included: a lovely spring day, starting to spot the colors of the new season, the beautiful blue sky (at times), windy adorable puppy ears, and a great amount of exercise for all. Wilma and Gus were perfect posers which helped to summarize the day in lovely scenes. So glad we finally got out on a long overdue daytrip (This blog will not be rated).

January 12, 2019 – Colt State Park – Rhode Island

Yesterday Shadow, Wilma, and I Adventured to Colt State Park in Bristol, Rhode Island.  Colt State Park is a 464 acre Park along the Narragansett Bay.  It includes:  trails, playing fields, a museum, a dock for fishing, a boat launch, and an outdoor concert area.

We had a frigid Adventure to Colt State Park yesterday spending almost three hours on the trails.  This was our second visit to this Park as Shadow, Buster, and I had visited in August of 2015, on a warm summer day.  Yesterday was a quiet day for visitors, with a few dedicated walkers, runners, and of course our fellow dog lovers.   We began our afternoon walking on a paved path that weaved through fields, and tree-filled areas.  There were picnic benches throughout and views of a marsh-like areas.  The trail looped around before arriving at Narragansett Bay.

We spotted the Bay ahead before arriving at a scenic bridge.  After spending time exploring the shore beside the bridge, we headed across and over to the Bay side of the trail.  The Bay’s shore was rock filled, many of the covered with ice.  The bright blue water shimmered in the sun, while the wind adding nature’s texture.  We strolled over and down the dock to check out another view  before continuing along the Bay.  The path eventually brought us to a rocky, shell-filled beach-like area.  We spent some time exploring this area and relaxing from our steady walk.  Wilma enjoyed hopping on the rocks and chewing on some sticks, while Shadow seemed quite pleased just being at the “beach”.  We located a large wooden pole stating “Bristol”, causing great intrigue.  A little too cold to sit and relax on this chilly day, however, lovely memories flooded my heart of a laying on the “beach” area with Shadow and Buster.  A special moment on that summer day almost four years ago.

After enjoying this “beach” location we headed back to the car, the wind quite arctic on our faces.  We took a slightly different route back, stopping to view a statue along the way.  Poor Wilma did not appreciate this dedication, but of course added some humor to our day.  It was one of those days I would probably not have ventured out if I was not motivated by the amazing Shadow and Wilma.  So glad to enjoy an Adventure on this chilly winter day.  I have included a collage mixed with photos from both of our trips as well as several videos below (Rating:  3).