September 11, 2021 – Tannery Falls – Massachusetts

Yesterday Wilma, Gus and I Adventured to Tannery Falls in Savoy, Massachusetts. Tannery Falls is an approximate 80 foot waterfall consisting of various cascades. It is sourced from the Ross and Parker Brooks and is located in Savoy Mountain State Forest.

We had a water-rushing Adventure to Tannery Falls. I was excited to visit a waterfall today as we really have not been to many in recent months. I did a lot of research on this one ahead of time, and had no problem finding it. We found a small brown sign indicating Tannery Falls was down Tannery Falls Road as expected. There was a large parking lot, and a trail sign indicating it was .4 miles down the trail, so we again confirmed our location. We arrived at about 6:45 and although the darkness seemed to have passed once we entered the trail the darkness of the forest came upon us. We heard the peaceful sounds of rushing water the moment we started, such a rush when you are on a waterfall adventure. We followed the blue blaze trail entering and I think the entire way, although the trail was so easy to follow I stopped watching specifically for the blue. The trail followed the brook much of the route, and descended downwards. There were several small cascades along the trail. There were many steps, and although I would say the trail to the Falls easy, it was interesting descending these steps at times with two eager dogs barreling downward. However we enjoyed our walk and eagerly anticipated the Falls.

Upon arrival at Tannery Falls I was very impressed! It seems like I always have a picture in my head of the locations we plan and Tannery Falls did not disappoint. It was very tall, roaring, and just lovely. You could not get too close, but still it was just beautiful. We stood at the Falls as I took photographs. Gus loved finding every and all sticks and roots to chew on while Wilma enjoyed some rock hopping and exploring. The singing sounds of the Falls and Brook were just right. We enjoyed the serenity of this location until we were ready to head back. We did not see anyone else on our adventure, and were pleased to have Tannery Falls all to ourselves. So glad we were able to visit Tannery Falls (Rating: 4).

June 7, 2020 – Pecks Falls – Massachusetts

Today Wilma and I Adventured to Pecks Falls in Adams, Massachusetts.  There are several Falls titled Pecks Falls and I believe the particular one we visited was the Upper Falls.  Pecks waterfall is sourced from the Pecks Brook.  It is approximately twenty feet in height, has several cascades, and drains into a pool below.

We had a beautiful Adventure to the Pecks Falls.  It took a little bit of time finding the trail to Pecks Falls, but I was glad we did not give up!  We drove around for awhile before deciding that several car pull-offs on West Mountain Road might be the correct location.  We ventured down the trail and toward where we thought it was located.  We found the Pecks Brook, and it did not take long to arrive at the Falls.  The Trail was much shorter, and easier then I had imagined.  I was thrilled that we had found the Falls!!  Somehow I managed to not get my sneakers wet as we hopped over the Brook and down to the base of Pecks Falls.  It was small, but yet gorgeous!!  We took some photographs, and enjoyed the scenery.   We were pleased to have this complete Adventure to ourselves.  I found the Trail to the Falls to be quite unappealing, however really did love the Falls.  Simple, but perfect.  So glad we could visit Pecks Falls today (Rating:  Falls:  4, Trail:  3.5)