June 7, 2020 – Pecks Falls – Massachusetts

Today Wilma and I Adventured to Pecks Falls in Adams, Massachusetts.  There are several Falls titled Pecks Falls and I believe the particular one we visited was the Upper Falls.  Pecks waterfall is sourced from the Pecks Brook.  It is approximately twenty feet in height, has several cascades, and drains into a pool below.

We had a beautiful Adventure to the Pecks Falls.  It took a little bit of time finding the trail to Pecks Falls, but I was glad we did not give up!  We drove around for awhile before deciding that several car pull-offs on West Mountain Road might be the correct location.  We ventured down the trail and toward where we thought it was located.  We found the Pecks Brook, and it did not take long to arrive at the Falls.  The Trail was much shorter, and easier then I had imagined.  I was thrilled that we had found the Falls!!  Somehow I managed to not get my sneakers wet as we hopped over the Brook and down to the base of Pecks Falls.  It was small, but yet gorgeous!!  We took some photographs, and enjoyed the scenery.   We were pleased to have this complete Adventure to ourselves.  I found the Trail to the Falls to be quite unappealing, however really did love the Falls.  Simple, but perfect.  So glad we could visit Pecks Falls today (Rating:  Falls:  4, Trail:  3.5)


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