October 10, 2020 – Meredith, New Hampshire

Today Wilma and I Adventured to Meredith, New Hampshire. Meredith is located in the Lakes Region, and is a popular tourist location.

We had a refreshing Adventure to Meredith, New Hampshire. We have been here before, but I have not blogged about the town specifically so thought today would be the day. I was eager to explore and be outdoors on a beautiful Fall day. We arrived early so had no challenges finding parking. We began our walk along Lake Winnipesaukee. We explored the boardwalk path, the Meredith Town docks, Clough Park, and sculptures from The Sculpture Walk. The views across the Lake were lovely, framed by the mountains in the distance. It was fun to trot down the various docks and enjoy the waterfront.

After thoroughly exploring the waterfront we headed over to the shopping areas. We continued to locate sculptures along the sculpture walk, and appreciated the Fall trimmings, and decorative flower boxes adoring the store fronts. We made sure to “Do the Loop” and also explored several other streets in the town. It was an absolutely beautiful day and although we had a good paced walk we made sure to stop and enjoy the little smells, and sights. Although Meredith can be a very busy place I really do love this adorable town. Another beautiful day for a Fall Adventure (Rating: 4).

If you would like to view our first visit to Meredith when Shadow, Wilma, and I explored the entire Sculpture Walk please click here: https://adventuresofshadowandwilma.com/?s=meredith+sculpture+walk

July 3, 2020 – Carlton Covered Bridge – New Hampshire

Today Wilma and I Adventured to the Carlton Covered Bridge in Swanzey, New Hampshire.  The Carlton Covered bridge is a wooden bridge that crosses the Ashuelot River.  The Carlton Bridge was built in 1789.

We had a hazy Adventure to the Carlton Covered Bridge.  I was pleased to find this bridge away from homes, and in more of a country setting then many.  We hopped out of the car and took some photographs, and the drove across to take photographs from the other side.  Although it was a quiet area, it still seemed a little unsafe to walk through, especially with a little Wilma in tow!  The bridge was surrounded by fields, creating a lovely scene.  We were able to locate one spot to go under the bridge, and found a little sandy area.  The water did not seem too clean so I decided to spend minimal time near the shore.  It was so nice to find a peaceful bridge on our last Adventure of the day (Rating:  3.5)


May 2, 2020 – Waterloo Covered Bridge – New Hampshire

The Waterloo Covered Bridge is in Warner, New Hampshire. The Waterloo Covered Bridge was built in 1840, but was later replaced. The Bridge crosses the Warner River.

We had a river-filled Adventure to the Waterloo Covered Bridge.  I was pleased to find the bridge in a quiet location.  The Bridge was especially scenic from scenic side-view, yet simple from the end.  We found a trail next to the bridge, appearing to run between two rivers.  Conveniently a local was walking through noting the trail to be a lovely trail that commenced at another road.  We decided to explore this unexpected path.  The trail was still brown from winter, but yet unique and provided several opportunities to get to the water’s edge.  This was a nice little surprise on our Adventure to the Waterloo Covered Bridge.

After returning to the bridge we crossed through and over to the opposite side.  It has been some time since we have been able to wander through a bridge, due to the often busy and dangerous trek.  On this occasion we were able to peer out the openings down the river and snap a couple photos.  The opposite side had a small grassy area, and a rushing cascade (suspected to be Waterloo Falls), generating a lovely scene.  Wilma glanced down the cascades, and again appeared curious by the water, so fun to observe.  The Waterloo Covered Bridge was peaceful, and just right.  Definitely a special covered bridge in New Hampshire (Rating:  4).