March 16, 2019 – Fort William Henry – Maine

Yesterday we Adventured to the Fort William Henry in Bristol, Maine.  The Fort was built in 1692 but was later destroyed by the Siege of Pemaquid.  The Fort was later reconstructed in 1908.  The three fortifications played an important role in protecting New England frontier from attacks from the French and the Wabanaki Indians.

We had a spontaneous Adventure to Fort William Henry, part of the Pemaquid State Historic Site.  I found this Fort, by merely following a sign along our route.  We were greeted by a very, muddy road, before arriving near the Fort.  We were excited to see a simple, but unique structure in Fort William Henry.  Our short walk took us to the foot of this lovely, circular building, with remnants of a Fort next door.  There were no signs or information, but my guess was this could have been part of the original Fort.  We rambled around the structure and over to the road below, sure to check out the water view below.  The sun was bright, and beginning to set, making for some challenging photography, but yet beautiful site.  It was fun to find the Fort William Henry without even planning a thing (Rating:  4).



October 6, 2018 – Fort William Henry – New York

Today Shadow, Wilma, My Parents, and I visited Fort William Henry in Lake George, New York. Fort William Henry was a Fort of the British during the French and Indian War. It was built in 1775. Fort William Henry is known for the French siege in 1757 where the British were massacred by the Huron Tribe after be allowed to withdraw. The French later destroyed the Fort in 1757 after a successful siege. A replica was built for the filming site of the “Last of the Mohicans”, and is now a popular tourist attraction in the area.

We had a very brief Adventure to Fort William Henry. It was a dark and gloomy, yet nice and cool Fall day at Fort William Henry. We began walking onto the Fort ground passing “soldiers” shooting off muskets. Parallel to these gentleman were historic camp scenes plastered with authentic costumes and colonial activities. We proceeded through the grounds and over to the water view with beautiful mountains surrounded Lake George. However it was then that canon demonstrations began from within the Fort. Although surprisingly Shadow did not seem too bothered, that soon ceased, and we headed away from the area to relax, before heading out. I am not sure if dogs would have been allowed into the actual Fort, but not sure if we would have been tempted by the sizable entrance fee. So a short visit, but glad to see some of the Fort ground before heading off on our next Adventure (Rating: 3).

Quite Relieved to be Back in the Car, my sweet Shadow!