January 1, 2020 – Minuteman Bikeway – Massachusetts

Today Shadow, Wilma, and I Adventured to the Minuteman Commuter Bikeway in Lexington, Massachusetts.  The Minuteman Bikeway was built between 1992-1993 along an inactive railroad corridor and runs from Cambridge to Bedford.  The Bikeway is a paved trail and is 10 miles in length.

We had a blue-sky Adventure to the Minuteman Commuter Bikeway on our first Adventure of the New Year.  My plan initially was to take a day-trip to Connecticut but after injuring my back yesterday, I thought a local, and predictable walk would be best.  I am grateful that Shadow and Wilma are great walkers and I could still take them out with shooting back pain.  So off we went on our Adventure….

I located the Minuteman Bikeway on route to a different location, and thought it would be a good path to explore.  We walked and walked, of course taking some time to sniff all the new smells.    We were careful to stay on the right side as we walked, bicycles often flying by dangerously.  There were runners, dog walkers, and families out enjoying this gorgeous New Years day.  The pathway ran adjacent to the Center of Lexington, at one point opening up so we could see Buckman Tavern, a scenic historic building.  The pathway passed behind backyards, at some time closer then others.  The bikeway was simple and unappealing, but obviously built as a commuter route for bicyclists, therefore quite a convenient for those traveling by bike.  So although the Minuteman Bikeway is nothing exciting for those on a walk, still a great place to get some exercise.  Hope everyone had a wonderful New Years (Rating:  The Minuteman Bikeway will not be rated as it is a location created for bicycle commuters)

August 13, 2019 – Lexington – Massachusetts

Yesterday Shadow, Wilma, and I Adventured to Lexington, Massachusetts.  Lexington is an affluent town famous for its history.  It was there that the first shot of the Revolutionary War was fired.   The Center of Town includes:  shops, businesses, restaurants and numerous historic buildings and landmarks.

We had a historic Adventure to Lexington.  I had planned a daytrip but due to the predicted storms we decided to have a local day.  I was quite disappointed but pleased to find a great alternative.

We spent about two hours exploring Lexington.  The day began spontaneously but I was soon pleased to locate a detailed map online, ensuring we visited all major landmarks.  Our stops included the Buckman Tavern, The Belfry, Ye Old Burying Ground, The Minuteman Statue and much more.  We strolled along the cablestone sidewalks, trotted down the ACROSS trail, rested in the lawn, and appreciated the rich history.

My favorite parts of our Adventure included:  the architecture of the historic buildings, following the map to find the next stop on our Adventure, connecting with those around us, and watching Shadow and Wilma appreciate the moments.  In regards to landmarks I was awed by the Burying Ground, and loved the scenic Minuteman Statue.   Both Shadow and Wilma enjoyed numerous grassy rolls, a joyous celebration on yet another fantabulous Adventure!  Lexington is definitely a special place to explore, especially for those history buffs (Rating:  4)







May 20, 2018 – Massachusetts – Minuteman National Historic Park

Today we visited Minuteman National Historic Park, which we have visited before.  This Park includes the towns of Lincoln, Concord, and Lexington.  Minuteman National Park commemorates the opening battle in the American Revolutionary War.  The park encompasses over 900 acres of land, and includes the North Bridge, “The Battle Road Trail”, and The Wayside Inn.

We strolled along the trails, over the North Bridge, stopping at various landmarks, along, and adjacent to the trail.  It was a humid spring day, a good excuse for Shadow to enjoy a swim in the Concord River. Wilma herself enjoyed a good bark at the Daniel Chester French’s statue “Minute Man” (video below.)  She must know history is really not my thing, a good reason to add a history stop to our adventures.  (Rating:  3)