February 23, 2019 – Myles Standish Monument State Reservation – Massachusetts

Today Shadow, Wilma, and I journeyed on three separate Adventures.  Our second one was to the Myles Standish Monument State Reservation in Duxbury, Massachusetts.  This Reservation is a state owned preserve which is highlighted by a monument of Myles Standish, a military leader of the Plymouth colony.  The monument was completed in 1898, is 116 feet tall, is made of granite, and has a statue of statue of Myles Standish at the very top.  The shaft is open in-season, providing stunning views of the local area.

We had a spectacular visit to the Myles Standish Monument State Reservation.  I had read about the Myles Standish Monument State Reservation several times and finally decided to schedule a visit.  The road to the Monument was closed so we parked near the gate, and wandered in.  We followed the winding road, lined with beautiful trees as we slowly walked uphill.  The voices of crows and seagulls combing to provide us some music along the way, as the sun streamed through the trees.

The Monument was a short walk from the gate.  Upon arrival I could not believe how massive size of the monument, towering high above.  We looped around before arriving arriving near the shaft, and then slowly weaved up the stairs.  We ambled around the Monument capturing it from all angles.  It was difficult to get a good view of the statue so high in the sky.  This Reservation was a nice surprise as I did not expect such a magnificent sculpture.  Shadow and Wilma played for a bit in the snow, appearing to be enthused themselves.  We spent a bit of time at the Monument before heading on to our next Adventure.  So glad we decided to stop at the Myles Standish Monument State Reservation (Rating:  4).