August 6, 2021 – Orne Covered Bridge – Vermont

Yesterday Wilma, Gus, My Mom, and I Adventured to the Orne Covered Bridge in Irasburg, Vermont. The Orne Covered bridge was built in the 1800s, destroyed by arson in 1997, and rebuilt in 2000. It is located on Back Coventry Road and traverses the Black River.

We had a Queen Anne Lace-filled adventure to the Orne Covered Bridge. We had four amazing adventures yesterday, two of which were new, including the Orne Covered Bridge. I love visiting covered bridges and was thrilled to fit in a new one on our adventure. The Orne Covered Bridge is located in a more rural setting. Nearby we spotted horses and farmers hard at work. The brook was beautiful, framed by wildflowers on the roadside. I trotted through the bridge and back, before taking the pups out to explore, although a quiet location, not much of an area to cross the bridge in. We wandered around near the bridge, finding rocks for posing, and enjoying the scene. Besides some nosey farm equipment it was really a peaceful setting. It seemed to be the warmest part of the day so it was nice to find this perfect short adventure on our day full of fun. So glad to visit the Orne Covered Bridge (Rating: 4).

Decemeber 19, 2020 – Eunice Williams Covered Bridge – Massachusetts

Yesterday Wilma and I Adventured to the Eunice Williams Covered Bridge in Greenfield, Massachusetts. The Eunice Williams Covered Bridge was originally built in 1870 but has been rebuilt several times since. The Bridge traverses the Green River. This location also marks where Eunice Williams was killed after being captured by the French army and members of the Abenaki and Mohawk tribes.

We had a short Adventure to the Eunice Williams Covered Bridge. Upon arrival I noticed it would be challenging to park due to the show, endless “no parking” signs, and fast moving traffic with several blind spots. However we found a place a little farther down and left the warning blinkers on. We carefully trotted to the bridge, which was mostly surrounded by gating making it challenging to photograph thoroughly. However I did my best and made sure Wilma posed and smiled for a quick shot. Over to one side there was a dam-like falls, while to the other there the beautiful River was filled with chunks of ice and snow. The bridge appeared perfect in structure, yet was quite dull in color. However, besides all of the gates the area was pretty, peaceful, and reasonably secluded. We viewed the memorial signs nearby before heading back to the car. So glad we could finally visit the Eunice Williams Bridge, one of the few covered bridges we have not seen in Massachusetts (Rating: 3).

Other Tidbits, Fun, and News

I have decided to add a tab/menu section of my blog specifically for Covered Bridges. If you follow my blog you are well aware that I am a fan of visiting covered bridges with my two best, buds, Shadow and Wilma. I still have many Throwback Adventures to write about, and I am sure we will Adventure to many more covered bridges in the future. Since we have had many current Adventures I thought it was a good time to add this feature. I believe there is one bridge from New York, but generally they will be from our New England Adventures. As I assembled this collection it made me smile seeing our Buster enjoy many of these Adventures. We sure do miss him!

Here are just a few of my many favorites. Hope you too can enjoy some Adventures to these special New England landmarks!