June 2, 2018 – Vermont – The town of Wilmington, Woodford State Park, and our second visit to the Creamery Covered Bridge

Today we visited many different places, while on our Adventure in Vermont.  I will highlight our three main stops in my blog today.

The Town of Wilmington, Vermont

On our first stop we wandered around the charming downtown section of Wilmington, Vermont.  Wilmington is located in the Deerfield Valley of the Green Mountains.

We enjoyed walking around the town, which appeared to have many unique shopping opportunities, and restaurants.  In this area we found Reardon’s Crossing, a green pedestrian bridge, which crosses over the Deerfield River.  We walked along the River, and wandered along some of the Hoot, Toot and Whistle trail, before turning back toward town.  On our return route, Shadow was eager to find a path to the River to cool down.  We finally found a little overgrown path down to the water.  Shadow enjoyed walking around in the shallow river, sipping a drink, and even just lying in the water (adorable video below).  Wilma enjoyed some digging, and really just seemed content taking in the moment.  (Rating:  3)







After exploring the downtown area, local trails, and River, we drove to Harriman’s Reservoir to check out the view, and of course for another Shadow swim.  This is a very picturesque Reservoir, which I believe is also referred to as Wilmington Lake.  It was not easy to figure out how to access the Reservoir, but we were lucky to find this boat launch to snap a couple shots.  (Rating:   3)




Woodford State Park

Our second stop was Woodford State Park in Woodford, Vermont.  This park is a 398 acre park, located at 2400 feet elevation.  It is on a mountain plateau surrounding the Adams Reservoir.  The park has camping sites, cabins, and lean-tos.  One of their cabins is even dog friendly, and while I definitely contemplated that option, but decided to just make it a day of adventures.

Initially my plan was to hike the loop trail around the Adams Reservoir, however, we arrived later than expected, and it was quite humid.  In addition the trail was very overgrown at spots, and quite buggy, which likely swayed my decision to complete the full loop.  Instead we walked part of the trail, taking a loop that headed closer to the Reservoir.  The Reservoir was beautiful, and scenic, and the water quite inviting.  As you might guess Shadow enjoyed swimming, and rolling in the grass.  Wilma enjoyed scouting out the new trail, and greeting guests.  After our little walk, we wandered around the “day use” area, enjoyed some more swimming, and sat for a bit near the Reservoir.  There were several people fishing nearby, and many young families on the sandy beach.  There seemed to be some biting flies, which shortened our stay, but yet really a truly beautiful Reservoir.  (Rating:  3)






Creamery Covered Bridge – Brattleboro

Our last stop of the day was at the Creamery Covered Bridge in Brattleboro.  This was the second time we visited this bridge, as Shadow, Buster, and I also visited this spot in July of 2016.  It fills my heart remembering our adventures with Buster, and knowing that I can still include these memories in my blog.

The Creamery Covered Bridge was built in 1879 and is now closed to traffic.  It is a lattice truss bridge, which is approximately 80 feet long.  It crosses the Whetstone Brook, and is located right next to Route 9.

We parked near the bridge, and wandered over, sauntering back and forth through the beautiful lattice.  Shadow and Wilma were quite tired, (being our last stop of a busy day), providing me a good opportunity to catch a side-by-side pose!  Definitely not an easy task with an energetic puppy.  It was fun finding a bridge with no cars rushing through, allowing us time to relax and enjoy (Rating:  3).


July 2016

Brattleboro covered bridge







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