June 5, 2018 – Massachusetts – Russell Mill Pond and Town Forest

Tonight we went for a local hike at the Russell Mill Pond and Town Forest in Chelmsford, Massachusetts.  The Forest contains 132 acres of land, including land on the east side of Russell Mill Pond.

I often enjoy exploring local conservation land, and this trail was a great find.  It was simple, yet beautiful.   We mostly followed the trail along the Pond, but also veered toward some of the inner forest trails.  There were a couple of simple bridges, a little bubbling stream, and a wealth of bright green ferns lining the trails.  We did not see any other dog walkers, but the area was clearly popular with mountain bikers.

I highly encourage you to seek out conservation land in your area.  Lovely trails and scenery, with no cost involved.  You really cannot beat that.  (Rating:  4)









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