Throwback Adventure – Bash Bish Falls – Massachusetts

I will have sections of my blog that I will title “Throwback Adventure”, and will plan on posting them every Thursday.  These are journeys we have taken before I started the blog, but are well worth sharing.

In May 2017, Shadow, my Aunt, my Uncle, and I visited Bash Bish Falls in Mount Washington, Massachusetts.  (Wilma had not yet joined our world).  In my blog today I cannot help but note how fortuitous I am to have such a wonderful Aunt and Uncle.  They are encouraging, kind, and giving, and always make me feel special and loved.  It was fun to have their company, on this spectacular spring adventure.

Bash Bish Falls is located right on the border of Massachusetts, and New York, and is the highest waterfall in Massachusetts.  The Falls include a series of cascades that are approximately 200 feet tall.  The final cascade is 80 feet tall, split into two, by a large protruding boulder.  Bash Bish Falls begins in a spring on Mount Washington, although is technically located on Bash Bish Mountain.

We started our journey to the Falls from the Massachusetts trail.  The parking lot was difficult to find, but the trail was clear on arrival.  The trail is approximately two miles in length.  It sloped up slowly, running besides the beautiful, singing, babbling Bash Bish Brook.  Shadow therefore was able to enjoy some sips and dips in the brook along our journey.  On the opposite side of the brook we noted some cabins, which likely were part of the Bash Bish Falls State Park.  I was amused by a sign along the way indicating the Massachusetts, New York border, and was quite diasppointed that I was not able to locate a photograph.  However, it was a lovely trail, and quite the nice perk to fill the hike with great company, and conversation, catching up on all the moments of life.

Upon arrival at the Falls we witnessed a stunning, and dramatic view, the Falls roaring, and immense.  As expected a crowded area, with ongoing snaps of photography.  There were picnic tables, and of course areas along the rocks to sit an enjoy the site.  A beautiful day enjoying nature’s magnificent beauty (Rating:  5)






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