March 17, 2019 – Bailey Island Bridge/Cribstone Bridge – Maine

Yesterday we Adventured to the Bailey Island Bridge, also referred to as the Cribstone Bridge. The Bridge connects Harpswell and Orr Island.  It is made of granite slabs, and is the only cribstone bridge in the world.

We had a scenic Adventure to the Bailey Island Bridge on a windy Winter morning.  The bridge was unique, with granite slabs being held up by gravity alone!  The landscape surrounding the Bridge was absolutely gorgeous, sparkling rocks, colorful shells, seaweed covered rocks, and a bright blue sea.  We wandered around, Shadow making a bed, and relaxing in the sand, while Wilma reached into the water trying to pull out her favorite shell.  It was peaceful, and quiet, except for the sound of an occasion car flying over the bridge.  Simple, but gorgeous, just perfect for one of our last Adventures on our Maine getaway (Rating:  4).



March 16, 2019 – Pemaquid Point Lighthouse Park – Maine

Yesterday we Adventured to Pemaquid Point Lighthouse in Bristol, Maine.  The Pemaquid Point Lighthouse Park is located at Pemaquid Neck. It was built in 1827 but later rebuilt in 1935, reportedly due to poor construction.  The official Park is open from May through October and includes:  an art gallery, fisherman’s museum, an art gallery, and a learning center.

We had a late day Adventure to the stunning Pemaquid Point Lighthouse Park.  As usual, we were glad to visit in off-season, creating a peaceful scene, absent from the bustle of tourists.  The Pemaquid Lighthouse was quite picturesque, offering up close and personal views.  We started our visit exploring the Lighthouse, scenic benches along the way.  As we sauntered past the lighthouse we quickly were drawn to the rocky shores, and crashing waves.  We climbed a bit on the rocks, taking in yet another wonderful Maine coastline.  There were several other small structures, and benches for picnicking under some trees.  It was a small area, so we made sure to check out each spot, before looping back to the lighthouse.  Shadow enjoyed some happy rolls, while I then entertained myself with many photos.  My favorite you will see first, adorable Shadow and Wilma, ears a blowing!  Definitely a wonderful visit to Pemaquid Point Lighthouse Park (Rating:  4).








March 16, 2019 – Wells Beach – Maine

Today we Adventured to Wells Beach in Wells, Maine.  Wells Beach is one of the largest sandy beaches in Maine, offering about seven miles of sandy shores.

We had a perfect sky-day on our Adventure to Wells Beach.  I was so pleased to start our weekend of Adventures with a gorgeous cloud filled and sunny day.  This made the beach just perfect for photography, and a walk along the shore.  The tide appeared to be in, making a small area of sand, much of which was covered by rocks.  Both Shadow and Wilma were thrilled to be at the beach, running, and playing.  I was impressed that Wilma seemed more comfortable with the water, sauntering along when the tide came in.  We walked and walked, snapping too many photographs as always.  The only thing that I did not prefer was that when looking away from the water it appeared to be very touristy, and commercial, houses and hotels lining the beach.  However being off-season we were lucky to have a quiet and peaceful day at Wells Beach.  Such a spectacular way to start our weekend in Maine (Rating:  4).


Throwback Adventure – Boise Rock – New Hampshire

I will have sections of my blog that I will title “Throwback Adventure”, and will plan on posting them every Thursday. These are journeys we have taken before I started the blog, but are well worth sharing. Many of these Throwback Adventures will include our Buster, who was known for his crazy tail, his happy howl, and his zest for life. We miss him dearly…he is forever in our hearts!

In October 2016 Buster, Shadow, My Mom, and I Adventured to Boise Rock in the Fraconia Notch State Park in the White Mountains.  Boise Rock is a glacial erratic, which has lovely surrounding views of the Canon Cliff.  It was named for Thomas Boise who took shelter under the rock after being caught up in a snow storm.

We had a memorable Adventure to Boise Rock on a lovely Fall Day.  As you may know if you follow our blog that during this time we knew Buster would not be with us much longer, facing a terminal tumor.  Therefore we took every moment on this special trip to create memories, photos, and fun times.  So why not climb a large rock with an almost 95 pounds large dog?!  That is exactly what we did, as Shadow and Mom watched from below.  It was a fun and unique experience as unlike Wilma Shadow is not, and Buster was not rock boys.  We somehow managed to get up on the rock and climbed higher and higher.  It was an interesting photo shoot that I will remember forever.  A beautiful Fall day in the Mountains with my boys, and My Mom.




March 3, 2019 -Saco River Covered Bridge – New Hampshire

Yesterday Shadow, Wilma, and I Adventured to the Saco River Covered Bridge in Conway, New Hampshire.  The Saco River Covered Bridge was built in 1890 and crosses the Saco River.  It was later repaired 80s as another bridge actually was swept away in a flood, crashing into it creating structural damage.  The Saco River Covered Bridge is also known as the Conway Covered Bridge.

We had a wintery Adventure to the Saco River Covered Bridge in Conway, New Hampshire.  The Saco River Covered Bridge has been one of my favorite covered bridges during our Fall visits.  However, today, I was quite disappointed as the side access was impossible due to the snow.  Therefore our view consisted of the front and back, combined with lovely ice filled views from the actual bridge.  We sauntered along the side walk area of the bridge on both sides, talking photographs along the way.  Although there was not excessive traffic, there was still enough to be cautious with in obtaining photographs.

It is interesting seeing landmarks, parks, and other areas in various seasons, creating a wildly different experience.  I believe all of our past visits to the Saco River Bridge have been in the Fall.  I have been with Shadow, Buster, Wilma, and my Mom.  Besides the gorgeous Fall foliage, we have been able to go down to the beach below to play in the sand, rest, and take in the spectacular views of the scenery.  I actually have some of my Mom’s beautiful framed photography from this spot in my home.  Probably the most gorgeous bridge I have seen in the Fall, while Winter really is not worth the journey.  However a fun experience seeing the Bridge in another season.  I definitely recommend a visit to the Saco River Bridge, although maybe not in the Winter.  Please see a collage from various of our visits below (Rating:  Winter – Undetermined, Fall – 5).

March 3, 2019 – Madison Boulder Natural Area – New Hampshire

Yesterday Shadow, Wilma and I Adventured to the Madison Boulder Natural Area.  The Madison Boulder Natural Area is a State Park in Madison, New Hampshire. It is home to the largest glacial erratic boulder in North America. It is a granite rock that is 83 inches long, 23 feet high, and 37 feet wide. The Park is 17 acre in size and has various trails, including the main trail to the Boulder.

We had a massive Adventure to the Madison Boulder Natural Area on a gorgeous, sunny Winter day. I was not sure if we would have access to this Park due to the large amounts of snow so was thrilled upon arrival to see some groomed trailed for our trek. The trail was bright and sunny with huge amounts of fresh snow. Every once in awhile I had an “oh my” moment where my leg would sink deep into the snow, far above the knee. Luckily I was able to release my leg and mostly stayed balanced atop the snow. There was several water areas circled by snow, adding a unique feature of the season.

Upon arrival I was excited to see this gigantic boulder that I had read about for some time. We spotted it from afar, large and perfectly shaped. It was framed with fresh snow, streaming from the top. We began a trip around the rock, Shadow leading the way.  We walked past the boulder to get some photos from the backside, interestingly seeming to be a smaller and round in shape. Past the rock we found some more circular water spots, appearing to be a snow covered stream. Shadow was thrilled for some fresh water, while Wilma and I enjoyed the bubbling sound of water. From there we headed back to the rock, and then slowly ambled back to the car as we treasured another Adventure. So pleased to appreciate this famous landmark on this spectacular Winter day (Rating: 4)


February 23, 2019 – Duxbury Beach – Massachusetts

Today Shadow, Wilma, and I journeyed on three separate Adventures.  Our last Adventure for today was to Duxbury Beach.  Duxbury Beach is six miles long, and is considered a barrier beach.

We had a gorgeous Adventure to the Duxbury Beach.  I was immediately impressed with the exquisite view of the shore, and the scenic Powder Point Bridge.  The sun was glittering in the hazy sky, while the water was lovely in color.  We drove around, a bit confused by the parking but eventually found a spot that seemed to be available for those non-resident visitors.  Our journey started along the long Bridge.  Both Shadow and Wilma spent some time peering out the frame as we trotted along this spectacular bridge.  The water was glittering, and the beach flawless from afar.  Just this walk added cheer to our steps as we were headed to the BEACH!

Upon arrival we peaked at the different signs and information, lots of directions to choose from.  I was unclear about the rules for dogs, however saw numerous dogs enjoying the day.  We headed along one road for a bit before scooting over to the beach.  The beach was covered with flawlessly shaped rocks, vibrant in color and often round in shape.  There were shells scattered throughout, colorful grass, and soft sand.  We ventured into the water a bit, but since leashes were required it was not a full swim.  Shadow was a bit disappointed, but soon savored some sandy rolls, while Wilma partook in some chaotic digging in the sand.  A wonderful leisurely stroll quite satisfying for the spirit.  We eventually headed back and journeyed across the Bridge.  Definitely a place I hope to return in the future.  A special find on our Adventures today (Rating:  4).