August 19, 2019 – Lost Pond Trail – New Hampshire

Today Shadow, Wilma, and I Adventured to the Lost Pond Trail in Goreham, New Hampshire.  The Lost Pond Trail beings at the AMC Visitor Center, and is officially part of the Appalachian Mountain Trail.  It follows the Ellis River and ends at Lost Pond, providing distant views of Mount Washington.

We had a wonderful Adventure to the Lost Pond Trail on a warm summer morning.  We headed out early, planning this as our feature Adventure on a day full of many. The Lost Pond Trail began across the street from the AMC Visitor Center. It was marked with a sign, before beginning down a boardwalk, and across a marsh. Immediately there were spectacular, jaw-dropping views. This reminded me exactly why we journey on long drives for day trips to the White Mountains, like Lost Pond.

From the boardwalk the trail veered toward the right following the white and blue blazes. The trail paralleled the Ellis River, often from high above. On several occasions we headed over and through the River, cooling down in the clear River water. There were yellow wildflowers, bright mushrooms, and berries along the trail. Some sections of the trail that had boardwalks and small bridges, and there were continual rocks throughout. At one point I thought I had taken a wrong turn as the trail started gaining elevation, but soon after this gain we spotted Lost Pond from the distance.

Upon arrival at Lost Pond Shadow and Wilma posed on a rock as they checked out the views. From there we traversed down the side of the Pond, lots of large rocks, making for an interesting hike. The views were beyond picturesque the pond scattered with rocks, lilies, and breathtaking mountain views. Shadow loved his swims, and water-sitting, while Wilma continually hopped on rocks. She sometimes threw me off-balance with her athletic, and unexpected jumps. This place was so absolutely beautiful words really cannot explain. I loved that the trail followed the River, providing opportunities to wade, and lead to the beautiful Lost Pond with glorious views. The trail was very quiet, and on several occasions I thought I heard some animal voices in the distance. The only downfall was that a good portion of the trail was close to the main road, providing sounds of vehicles zooming bye. However, I can definitely say this was one of my favorite White Mountain hikes. So glad we took the trip to the Lost Pond Trail (Rating: 4.5)


August 11, 2019 – Rocky Neck Art Colony – Massachusetts

Today Shadow, Wilma and I Adventured to the Rocky Neck Art Colony in Gloucester, Massachusetts.  The Rocky Neck Art Colony is located on the Gloucester peninsula.  It is considered one of the oldest art colonies in the country.  Artists include:  jewelers, painters, and photographers.  Rocky neck includes many restaurants with outdoor seating and scenic views.  It also contains the Gloucester Marine Railways one of the oldest shipyards in the country.

We had a coastal Adventure to Rocky Neck.  We left later then I had planned (as my squirrel-stalker Wilma was having too much backyard fun) so we ended up taking a detour.  My initial  destination was overtaken by in-season crowds, quick eliminating my initial plan. I therefore was pleased to find the nearby Rocky Neck Colony.  This was a place I had been once before and figured it would be a beautiful alternative for a summer stroll.

Upon arrival at Rocky Neck we immediately found free street parking.  The walk was a gorgeous coastal scene.  There were shops, galleries, and restaurants, many decorated with colorful flowers, and art displays.  Rocky Neck was uniquely artsy, as expected, with paintings on outside buildings including window sills, and painted windows.  The coastal views were spectacular with boats of all shapes and sizes.  We ended our walk exploring the shipyard before turning around and enjoying some delicious ice cream at Rocky Neck Ice Cream.

Our last stop on this Adventure was a surprise, finding a hidden beach area along Rocky Neck.  There were two simple parks opposite from one another, one with a beach.  I was thrilled to find this, and before you knew it Shadow was instantly refreshed!  I waded in with my sneakers and was quite impressed with Wilma sneaking in farther then usual.  Shadow preferred to stay in the water while Wilma eagerly waited  his return, spent some time digging, and enjoyed exploring some shells.  We sat for awhile on the beach and appreciated the sights around us.  Watching them made me laugh Wilma wild and energetic, Shadow calm and relaxed.  It really was just a perfect way to end our visit to Rocky Neck.  We spent about two hours exploring this peninsula and I am sure we will be back (Rating:  4).











August 7, 2019 – Amesbury Riverwalk – Massachusetts

On August 7, 2019 Wilma and I Adventured to the Amesbury Riverwalk while Shadow spent the morning with my parents.  The Amesbury Riverwalk is a 1.3 mile paved, rail trail located in Amesbury, Massachusetts.  The Riverwalk follows the Powow River  which is distantly visible through the trees on several occasions.  The Amesbury Riverwalk connects downtown Amesbury and the Carriagetwon Marketplace.  It is a popular walk for bikers, joggers, and dog walkers.

We had a steady paced Adventure to the Amesbury Riverwalk.  Shadow was thrilled to spend the morning at Grandma and Grandpa’s spa, so I decided to take an extra long walk with Wilma, and work on some on-leash training.  We had a little bit of difficulty locating the trail, walking around the area a bit before finding what appeared to be the beginning of the trail.  The entrance was not labeled but we began walking and soon spotted a mile marker noting we were officially on the Amesbury Riverwalk.  The trail started in the parking lot before heading into the woods, and bordering many homes, an apartment complex, and then became a little farther away from the residences.  The trail was simple, full of many walkers, families, and our furry best friends.  There were benches along the route, wildflowers, and very distant views of the River.  Often you could hear the sounds of the highway, and children playing.  Wilma took several breaks to nap, but overall we had an energetic walk, enjoying a new experience. We turned around at Elm Street as I was a little unclear if the trail was merging into another, or if it was about to officially end.  I did not want to push Wilma too much in the heat, and we were past the 1.2 mile mark, so it is possible that we missed the last .1 mile.

The Amesbury Riverwalk was not a very scenic walk, but yet always nice to experience a new location.  Wilma did extra-ordinary in her training, ending our walk with a very proud mama.  We missed our Shadow today, but know he would not have appreciated an extra-long walk in the heat, with no swimming opportunities.  A good excuse to say thank you to my amazing parents!   (Rating:  3).

I have begun reading more about Rail Trails so you may see more Adventures to Rail Trails in the future.  I would love to hear if you have any favorites of your own??



August 4, 2019 – Rowell Covered Bridge – New Hampshire

Today Shadow, Wilma, and I Adventured to the Rowell Covered Bridge in Hopkington, New Hampshire. The Rowell Covered Bridge was built in 1953 and crosses the Contoocook River. It is a one-car traffic bridge.

We had a gorgeous Adventure to the Rowell Covered Bridge. After taking a long local walk I figured it was the perfect day to visit a new covered bridge. I had researched the bridge and noted it was listed at “1433 Maple Street”, however that was not the address that it was located. We drove past the address (coming from Route 89) for a minute or two and were glad to find the bridge on the right. There was steady traffic, cars zooming through the bridge, so we decided not to walk through the bridge, but instead take some time on each side to explore.

We began exploring the near side, noting a young boy and his father fishing on the opposite. It took some determination to find a path down to the River. The “path” was quite overgrown, however landed us in our desired destination. Shadow especially was thrilled to spot the River, and was immediately in the water. He was soon laying peaceful in the River, the water rippling around him. It a tranquil site, and besides for cars bumping along the bridge, incredibly serene. We attempted to stroll along the limited shore, but I soon decided to walk right into the River, much easier then the balance, and dodging of greenery. I sat on the shore for a bit while we relaxed. The water was quite picturesque, and felt just right. Wilma’s silly self enjoyed eating grass, posing on the rocks, chasing dragon flies, and she actually went in the water a bit to wade. Shadow mostly stayed in the water, relaxing peacefully. After spending awhile on this side of the River we decided to again drive through the bridge and check out the far side.

I was pleased to see the shoreline had become empty, so we therefore ventured down this much steeper slope. There was more of a sandy shore, lots of rocks to perch on, and an increased shoreline to appreciate. The view was similar, but the footing much more accommodating. My guess is that this bridge is more popular for locals, fishing, and not necessarily as known as others. The Rowell Covered Bridge was definitely one of my favorite covered bridges. If you are a Covered Bridge lover I would encourage you visit this lovely spot. A peaceful afternoon at the Rowell Covered Bridge (Rating: 4.5)






Throwback Adventure – Provincetown – Massachusetts

I will have sections of my blog that I will title “Throwback Adventure”, and will plan on posting them every Thursday. These are journeys we have taken before I started the blog, but are well worth sharing. Many of these Throwback Adventures will include our Buster, who was known for his crazy tail, his happy howl, and his zest for life. We miss him dearly…he is forever in our hearts!

In April 2015 and in April 2017 we Adventured to Provincetown, Massachusetts. Provincetown is located on the very tip of northern Cape Cod. It is the historic landing of the Mayflower, and has a monument called the Pilgrim Monument to memorialize this important event. Provincetown is well known for its beaches, art galleries, shops, and restaurants.

We had two beach-filled trips to Provincetown, Massachusetts. On our first Adventure we traveled with Shadow, Buster, my Mom and I for I believe just a couple hours. On this journey we drove through the town, stopped for some shopping, and checked out some memorable spots including: the Pilgrim Monument, the beaches, and my favorite landmark, the buoy bench. I remember being awed at the sand dunes, and unique landscape, and disappointed that we did not have more time.

On our second trip Shadow, My Mom, and I spent a long weekend in Provincetown. I booked the perfect apartment right on the beach. We walked the beach every morning, often playing ball.  Shadow was even able to join us indoors at the main building for breakfast!  We spent time in the shops with Shadow by our side, and of course he was spoiled with many treats, including a lobster shaped treat (see picture below). We delighted in visiting various beaches and even made a stop at the local dog park. It was so nice for Shadow to have a vacation at his favorite spot – the beach.

Little did we know Wilma was born just several weeks before this second trip. We look forward to returning in the future with this little lady. I really appreciated Provincetown being so dog-friendly. You can see a mixture of photographs from our two vacations below, as well as two videos of Shadow on the beach. If you have not been to Provincetown it is definitely worth a visit (Rating: Throwback Adventures will not always be rated).




July 29, 2019 – Kingsbury Covered Bridge/Hyde Covered Bridge – Vermont

I am a little behind on my blog from our daytrip to Vermont this past Monday.  However, I still wanted to share, so here is another one of our Adventures.

On Monday Shadow, Wilma, My Mom, and I Adventured to the Kingsbury Covered Bridge in Randolph, Vermont, also referred to is the Hyde Covered Bridge.  The Bridge was built in 1904.  It is a wooden bridge that traverses the White River.

We had a pungent Adventure to the Kingsbury/Hyde Covered Bridge.  Immediately upon arrival we noted a horrid stench, fecal matter scattered throughout the bridge and immediately proceeding it.  We therefore did not venture too close, or across, as we prefer on our “normal” covered bridge Adventures.  We viewed the River from the side, noting it was almost completely dry.  There were pretty wildflowers throughout, as well as a tree framing the front.  The sky was dramatic, changing rapidly during our visit.  To the right side there was a farm, with lovely pink flowers adding to the picturesque scene.  When avoiding looking down, and breathing, it was quite a lovely scene (haha).  Even through it all I could not be happier in visiting yet another historic covered Bridge, it will always be a memorable one, that is for sure (Rating:  3).



July 29, 2019 – Brookfield Floating Bridge – Vermont

I am a little behind on my blog from our daytrip to Vermont this past Monday.  However, I still wanted to share, so here is another one of our Adventures.

On Monday Shadow, Wilma, My Mom, and I Adventured to the Brookfield Floating Bridge in Brookfield, Vermont.  The Brookfield Floating Bridge was originally built in 1820, but later was closed in 2008 and rebuilt in 2015.  The Bridge is over the Sunset Lake.  It is the only floating bridge east of the Mississippi.

We had a refreshing Adventure to the Brookfield Floating Bridge.  Upon arrival we found some visitors, but yet not an overly crowded location.  We drove across the bridge before turning around and find a parking spot near a little park.  The colors were vibrant, dark green grass, and bright blue water, the scenic mountains the backdrop to the Lake.  There was a humorous hippo statue in the park, along with benches to sit and relax.  We quickly found a spot along the shore where Shadow could swim, and Wilma wade.  I had planned ahead bringing Shadow’s longer leash just in case he wanted to venture far.  I also was pleased to have brought my water shoes allowing me to walk in a bit and cool down.  We chatted for a bit with other visitors, and watched the cheerful scene.  Wilma was fascinated by the swimming children, and almost appeared distressed when a little girl was swimming under water.  I guess some new experiences for our growing puppy, learning new lessons every day.

Before we headed out we took a walk down the Floating Bridge, a unique structure.  There were sidewalks along the road, many fisherman along the way, and people jumping from the bridge’s edge.  I expected for the bridge to feel bouncy, but it appeared quite sturdy.  The Bridge was long, and wooden in style.  The only time I remember seeing a structure of its style.

This modest spot, appeared quite popular for locals, who were kind, and social.  So glad we could visit this unusual landmark today.  Next time I definitely will wear my swimsuit (Rating:  3.5)