June 16, 2018 – Connecticut – Mansfield Hollow State Park

Today we visited Mansfield Hollow State Park in Mansfield, Connecticut.  The Mansfield Hollow State Park is a State Park in Connecticut, and is considered a “recreation area”. The Mansfield Hollow Lake is approximately 500 acres, and there are 251 acres of recreation area on the western edge of the Lake.  Popular recreational opportunities include:  hiking, dog walking, fishing, boating, mountain biking, and cross-country skiing.  There is no fee to enter the Park, quite the perk for a social work budget.

Immediately on arrival our eyes were drawn to the beautiful blue, sparkling water of the Mansfield Hollow Lake, as a refreshing cool breeze lightened the air.  Gazing over the Lake we viewed many canoes, kayaks, and fisherman.  We found a trail near the boat launch, and began wandering the trails, many parallel to the Lake.  The scenery varied from beautiful lake views, raised trails, footpaths winding throughout the woods, to even fields with bright colored, tiny, wild flowers .  There were many families enjoying an afternoon picnic, and dogs strolling down the trails.  Throughout the day we stopped several times to sit in the shade and relax.  Shadow and Wilma enjoyed rolls, and naps in the bright green grass.  The Park appeared quite immense, providing many quiet, uninterrupted spots to lounge and enjoy.

We spent about three hours exploring the Mansfield Hollow State Park.  The dog rules were not clear, nor stated, but we did our best to observe those around us.  However, on our second stop at the park (which appeared to be the main parking lot), we noted a sign indicating dogs must be leashed.  We then” leashed-up” and continued exploring (so we do apologize for this overlook.)  It was a warm, yet relaxing day at Mansfield Hollow State Park (Rating:  4).


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