August 21, 2018 (Part II) – Rocky Roads Ice Cream Parlor – Massachusetts

Today, Shadow and I visited Rocky Roads Ice Cream Parlor in Marshfield, Massachusetts, Part II of our afternoon of Adventures. This was a rare, and unique journey as Wilma spent the day with her puppy friends, while Shadow and I ventured on today’s Adventure. As those of you who follow my blog already know, I am recovering from surgery, and I felt this was a good first step back into our Adventure. Shadow is super well-behaved, and extra calm, while Wilma has constant energy and unexpected wild moments. While I love every moment of Wilma’s entertaining energy, I decided to jump back into our Adventures with my Shadow

Rocky Roads Ice Cream Parlor has 26 flavors of ice cream, including soft serve and slush. This appears to be a new ice cream shop in the area.

If you have followed our blog you know that we cannot turn down some tasty ice cream on a summer day. Shadow waited eagerly while they prepared his soft serve, and I then decided to order coffee ice cream with whip cream. Shadow gobbled his up quickly, while I savored every bite. A super delicious treat to wrap up our wonderful Adventure in Marshfield, Massachusetts (Rating: 4).

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