August 24, 2018 – Sulphite Bridge – New Hampshire

Today Shadow, Wilma, My Mom and I visited the Sulphite Bridge in Franklin, New Hampshire. The Sulphite Bridge is also referred to by locals as the “Upside-Down” Covered Bridge. It is a railroad bridge that was built back in 1896. The railroad line carried sulfur for the mills, giving it the name of “Sulphite”. The Bridge survived a fire in 1980, and is no long a working Bridge.

Upon our arrival to this Bridge I realized that Buster, Shadow, and I had stopped at this location in the past. (If I do find these photographs I will add it to my blog). I was disappointed to discover this, especially recalling that it was far from scenic, nor picturesque. However, we were happy to stretch our feet, and take in the sounds and sites. The Winnipesaukee River Trail appeared to begin right at the base Bridge, providing us a great excuse for a walk. There were lots of small wildflowers along the paved trail, and the sound of the Winnipesaukee River could be heard singing below.

Overall we found it was difficult to get great photographs of the Bridge, however we did our best. Before leaving we climbed a short hill to take some photographs from atop the Bridge. This provided us the true visual of the “Upside-Down” as the railroad tracks were on the very top. A good view to end our Adventure at the Sulphite Bridge (Rating: 2, Company – Perfection!)


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