September 20, 2018 – Mine Falls Park – New Hampshire

Yesterday Wilma and I Adventured to Mine Falls Park in Nashua, New Hampshire. We decided to go on a local Adventure while waiting for Shadow to be done with his day in the hospital, for surgery (see previous blog). So a nice distraction, but yet still somewhat worrisome waiting for a surgery update. However, Shadow and Buster, and I had been to Mine Falls Park numerous times in the past, so I felt a tiny bit better knowing Shadow was not missing out on a new Adventure.

Mine Falls Park is a 325 acre park in the city of Nashua, New Hampshire. The name of the park came from the 1700s when low quality lead was told to have been mined from the island below the Falls. Workers actually dug the canal to drive the industry. The Master Plan of the Mine Falls Park was created in 1974, and the Park grew from there. The Park consists of wetlands, trails, and fields. It is bordered by the Nashua River and Mill Pond.

Wilma and I enjoyed our visit to Mine Falls Park, somewhat deflecting our worry from Shadow. The Park has a unique feel with trails along the canals, and several lovely bridges to cross. We looped around the canal, before heading to the lower trail along the River. Wilma seemed quite thrilled to be on a new Adventure sniffing everything in site. It was exciting to see very small signs of Fall on the leaves, and the lovely wild flowers along the trail. We traversed a smaller trail along the River, and found a city marked rock along the way. Mine Falls Park is a simple park, but yet lovely in its own way. It brought back wonderful memories of visits with Shadow and Buster, who unlike Wilma, enjoyed dips in the water. However, Wilma, had no complaints about her feet being on dry land. Definitely glad to go on a local Adventure with my little lady, but we sure did miss our Shadow (Rating: 3).

September 2018

August 2015 (One of my many Adventures with Shadow and Buster to Mine Falls Park)

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