October 5, 2018 – Bennington Battle Monument – Vermont

Yesterday Shadow, Wilma and I visited the Bennington Battle Monument in Bennington, Vermont. The Battle Monument commemorates the Battle of Bennington during the American Revolutionary War, and is approximately 300 feet in height. The Monument was completed and dedicated in 1891. There is an observatory approximately 200 feet up, a gift shop, several artifacts in the monument,and various statures on the grounds.

We had a wonderful Adventure to the Bennington Battle Monument in Bennington, Vermont. I was absolutely awed driving up of the amazing height of the Monument. It was so tall and magnificent, the sun streaming around it. There was even a fiber-class moose statue, artwork from the past Moosefest held in Bennington. An odd addition to a historic landmark, but yet provides some Vermont culture to the area. We walked around the Monument, visiting the statues and structures on the grounds. A beautiful Fall day, we could not resist laying in the sun, the Monument towering over us. Shadow enjoyed many rolls in the grass, while Wilma watched everything and anything around us. Wilma had a humorous encounter with a statue, adding great entertainment to our day (see video below).

Before leaving we walked around the streets in the neighborhood, large homes, with perfect landscaping. We enjoyed our time taking in the monument (Rating: 4).

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