October 5, 2018 – Burt Henry Covered Bridge – Vermont

Today we visited the Burt Henry Covered Bridge in Bennington, Vermont. The Burt Henry Covered Bridge was built in 1840, but later rebuilt in 1989. It crosses the Wallroomsac River, and is approximately 121 feet in length. It is one of three bridges that crosses the Wallroomsac River.

We had a fun time Adventuring to all three covered bridges in Bennington, Vermont. I debated blogging them all together, especially as they look so similar, however decided to blog them separately. The Burt Henry Covered Bridge was distinct as it had a park parallel to it, with some picnic benches for viewing. Yet another red bridge, on a busy road. It was great to have a park to provide some space to enjoy the site. We walked around and sat in the warm Fall sun. This rounded off our last Adventure to the Bridge in Bennington. (Rating: 3).

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