November 22, 2018 – Natural Bridge State Park – Massachusetts

Yesterday, Shadow, Wilma, and I Adventured to Natural Bridge State Park in North Adams, Massachusetts. The park was named for the marble bridge, the only natural marble bridge in North America. The Bridge spans the Hudson Brook. This marble bridge is estimated to be over 500 million years old. The arches are said to be carved by the forces of glacial melt many, many years ago. The Park also encompasses: a marble dam, marble quarry, and woodland walks.

We had a frigid Adventure to the Natural Bridge State Park, on one, if not, the coldest Thanksgiving days ever! I attempted to walk quickly, to warm up, but of course the pups wanted to smell every spot along the way. So we took our time, ambling up the road to the bridge. Along the way there were small water features, and waterfalls, scattered with beautiful ice features. It did not take us long to get to the marble bridge. It was a scenic backdrop to the snow. Wilma seemed especially enthused encouraging Shadow to play as I took a video and some photographs.

After checking out the bridge from below we continued the path up the road and walked along the marble bridge. There was fencing for safety, dulling the view, but yet we still got glimpses of the lovely area from above. We continued along the path finding several spots to view the geological features. Soon we found a little bridge leading over to the marble dam. The waterfall-dam was gorgeous, being half frozen and quite mystical. Really hard to capture this lovely scene on camera, but so glad to find this frozen feature. We continued along the way checking out the large boulders, and carved rocks. We only spent about forty five minutes at the park, but so glad we could view this one of a kind location (Rating: 3)

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