April 27, 2019 – Viles Arboretum – Maine

Today Shadow, Wilma, and I Adventured to Viles Arboretum in Augusta, Maine.  Viles Arboretum is made up of 224 acres of property including six miles of trails, gardens, an art/sculpture trail, and many special events and activities.  There is a Visitor Center and a gift shop which are open during week days.

We had a drenching Adventure to the Viles Arboretum on yet another dreary New England day.  I was excited to find the Arboretum, a location that many times is not open to my furry friends.  Upon arrival we were disappointed to find the trail maps were gone, so decided to stroll around and see what we could find.  There were numerous sculptures that captured our attention and guided us on our walk.  We ambled along the paths, sinking into thick water and mud.  However, we did not let this stop us and continued on checking out the art and landscape along the way.  There were vibrant signs identifying what soon will be lots of green and flowering areas.  There were gorgeous birch trees, tulips, forsythias, and a large white flowering tree.  There were many labels for trails, yet without a map it was not clear as where they may lead.  The Arboretum appeared to be endless with trails in many directions.  We spent about an hour walking, and exploring.  I am positive that the Viles Arboretum will be quite breathtaking as the buds bloom.  It was definitely a unique spot which we hope to explore again in the future (Rating:  3).
















January 26, 2019 -Borderland State Park – Massachusetts

Today Shadow, Wilma and I Adventured to Borderland State Park in the towns of Easton and Sharon Massachusetts.  Borderland State Park is a 1843 acre Park known for its history and recreation.  The Park has over 20 miles of trails and is popular for hiking, biking, fishing, horseback riding, boating, and disk golf.  It also includes the Ames Mansion built in 1910, and owned by Oakes and Blanche Ames who created a nature preserve.  The State of Massachusetts later acquired the property and opened it as a state park.

We had an ice-filled Winter Adventure to the Borderland State Park.  This was our second, or possibly third visit to Borderland State Park.  We spent about three hours at this magnificent Park, starting at the Ames Mansion.  We walked around the lovely structure checking out the unique architecture, and the landscaped property.  Memories of previous visits with Buster, and my Mom flashed into my mind on a much colder and snowy day.  A simple, but lovely mansion.

From there we headed to the Pond Walk Trail, map in hand.  We soon arrived at the Swamp Trail, and although not quite swampy on this Winter day, there was mud filled ice along the way, and several boardwalk bridges, many plastered with ice.  I was thankful to keep my balance, and to have worn my waterproof boots.  We soon arrived at the Pond Edge Trail, before following various trails along the way.  One of the features I love on a hike is a water view, so that often guided our turns.  The trails were lovely, many parallel to the water, through the fields, and often lined by trees and boulders.  We found several bridges, and even a mini-waterfall along the way.  There were many dog walkers out enjoying the trailers.

Highlights on today’s Adventure included:  Wilma playing and digging in the ice, Shadow rolling in the grass, lots of new smells, muddy ice, fun little bridges and of course enjoying some exercise in the great outdoors.  We also enjoyed the continual water views, the Ames mansion, and the little waterfall along the way.   Definitely a Park we will return to in the future, hopefully sooner then later (Rating:  4).


January 2016


January 12, 2019 – Colt State Park – Rhode Island

Yesterday Shadow, Wilma, and I Adventured to Colt State Park in Bristol, Rhode Island.  Colt State Park is a 464 acre Park along the Narragansett Bay.  It includes:  trails, playing fields, a museum, a dock for fishing, a boat launch, and an outdoor concert area.

We had a frigid Adventure to Colt State Park yesterday spending almost three hours on the trails.  This was our second visit to this Park as Shadow, Buster, and I had visited in August of 2015, on a warm summer day.  Yesterday was a quiet day for visitors, with a few dedicated walkers, runners, and of course our fellow dog lovers.   We began our afternoon walking on a paved path that weaved through fields, and tree-filled areas.  There were picnic benches throughout and views of a marsh-like areas.  The trail looped around before arriving at Narragansett Bay.

We spotted the Bay ahead before arriving at a scenic bridge.  After spending time exploring the shore beside the bridge, we headed across and over to the Bay side of the trail.  The Bay’s shore was rock filled, many of the covered with ice.  The bright blue water shimmered in the sun, while the wind adding nature’s texture.  We strolled over and down the dock to check out another view  before continuing along the Bay.  The path eventually brought us to a rocky, shell-filled beach-like area.  We spent some time exploring this area and relaxing from our steady walk.  Wilma enjoyed hopping on the rocks and chewing on some sticks, while Shadow seemed quite pleased just being at the “beach”.  We located a large wooden pole stating “Bristol”, causing great intrigue.  A little too cold to sit and relax on this chilly day, however, lovely memories flooded my heart of a laying on the “beach” area with Shadow and Buster.  A special moment on that summer day almost four years ago.

After enjoying this “beach” location we headed back to the car, the wind quite arctic on our faces.  We took a slightly different route back, stopping to view a statue along the way.  Poor Wilma did not appreciate this dedication, but of course added some humor to our day.  It was one of those days I would probably not have ventured out if I was not motivated by the amazing Shadow and Wilma.  So glad to enjoy an Adventure on this chilly winter day.  I have included a collage mixed with photos from both of our trips as well as several videos below (Rating:  3).











Throwback Adventure- Groton Dog Park – Massachusetts

I will have sections of my blog that I will title “Throwback Adventure”, and will plan on posting them every Thursday. These are journeys we have taken before I started the blog, but are well worth sharing. Many of these Throwback Adventures will include our Buster, who was known for his crazy tail, his happy howl, and his zest for life. We miss him dearly…he is forever in our hearts!

We have been to the Groton Dog Park numerous times with Shadow, Buster, Wilma, and My Mom. The Groton Dog Park is actually not a dog park, but is a popular spot for dog lovers located in Groton, Massachusetts. The trails parallel the Nashua River and also run throughout the woods. I am guessing this Park is part of the conservation land, but it is not clearly indicated.

The Groton Dog Park is an absolutely beautiful location full of dog fun, and the gorgeous outdoors. Dogs are able to run free, play, swim, and roll, as they please. We enjoy walking throughout the Park and sitting along the River’s edge, the boats peacefully gliding by. My memories of this park are special, full of relaxation, and fun times. Two of my favorite photographs of Shadow and Buster have come at this location, at least one compliments of my Mom (thanks Mom 🙂 ). Definitely a dog’s paradise. We used to frequent this location often, and likely will plan a visit in the future (Rating: 4).



January 6, 2019 – Fort Sewall – Massachusetts

Today we Adventured to Fort Sewall in Marblehead, Massachusetts. Fort Sewall is located in Gale’s Head. It was first established in 1644 and utilized for defense in several different wars, being expanded throughout the years. The Fort was turned over to the town in 1922 and is now a public park.

We were lucky to have three little Adventures in Marblehead today. Fort Sewall was one of our stops. It was the second time we have been to Fort Sewall as we had been there two years ago with Shadow and my Mom. We were lucky to choose yet another sunny, and breezy winter day, clouds perfectly aligned in the bright blue sky. The sun was shining on the water, creating a marvelous view across the Harbor. This was a popular spot on this lovely, and unusually warm January day.

The Fort is located in the middle of a paved path that winds over and around the Fort, while displaying views of the Marblehead Harbor and the Atlantic Ocean. You can even see the Marblehead Lighthouse, far across the waters. We walked above the Fort marveling at this magnificent seaside location. We took several detours to explore the areas along the rocks. There were many benches along the way to sit and relax.

After looping around we went down to the Fort to peak into the doors and windows. I was humored watching Shadow and Wilma as they seemed curious about what was behind the walls. We then sauntered through the grass taking some time for some dog rolls and stretching. A simple location but another quite picturesque spot in Marblehead. So glad we could enjoy some time at Fort Sewall today (Rating: 4).

I am continuing to have challenges downloading videos but if and when it appears I will add it to this post.

January 6, 2019 – Castle Rock – Massachusetts

Today we Adventured to Castle Rock in Marblehead, Massachusetts. This Park is located on Marblehead Neck, and is less then 2 acres in size. The area was previously known as “Great Head”. It is popular for sailing, fishing, and scenic viewing.

We were lucky to have three little Adventures in Marblehead today. Castle Rock was one of our stops. It was the second time we have been to Castle Rock as we had been there two years ago with Shadow and my Mom. We were lucky to choose yet another sunny, and breezy winter day, clouds perfectly aligned in the bright blue sky. We were pleased to arrive at this little spot with very few other little visitors. We strolled along taking in the coastal smells, and spectacular scenic views. Wilma startled me a bit by jumping up on the rock fence, although I should know better to expect her jumps! She enjoyed walking along while Shadow and I followed below. We wandered over the the beach area checking out the tidal pools. The rocks we a bit sharp and uneven we we did not wander too far out. We walked around and headed past the large Rock enjoying a beautiful horizon view. We really could not have picked a better day for a coastal sky. A wonderful stop on our Marblehead Adventure (Rating: 4).

Today, January 6, 2019

I have not been able to download the video I was planning but will add it at a later date if it cooperates 🙂

February 2017

January 6, 2019 – Chandler Hovey Park/Marblehead Lighthouse – Massachusetts

Today we Adventured to Chandler Hovey Park, also referred to as Lighthouse Point. This Park is known for being the location of the Marblehead Lighthouse.  Marblehead Lighthouse was built in 1896, and is a 105 foot cast iron skeletal tower. It is the only one of this type in New England. The Park is less then four acres total, cornered by gorgeous ocean views. It has benches, pavilions and numerous rocks for climbing.

We were lucky to have three little Adventures in Marblehead today. The Chandler Hovey Park was one of our stops. This was our second Adventure to the Chandler Hovey Park and Marblehead Lighthouse, as we had been there before with Shadow and my Mom. This is a small park that provides absolutely stunning views from Marblehead Neck. We were lucky to choose yet another sunny, and breezy winter day, clouds perfectly aligned in the bright blue sky. Both Shadow and Wilma were enthused at this location enjoying lots of grass rolls, and play. We walked around the park enjoying the picturesque sky, crashing waves, and rough rocks. We posed continually with the Marblehead Lighthouse, as you will see below! It was the prefect kind of day at this special location (Rating: 4).

Today, January 6, 2019

February 2017 (If I locate any additional photos I will post at a later date!)

January 1, 2019 – Downtown Newburyport and the Clipper City Rail Trail – Massachusetts

Today Shadow, Wilma, and I Adventured to Downtown Newburyport, and the adjacent Clipper City Rail Trail. Downtown Newburyport is a charming area with restaurants, boutiques, and a waterfront park. The Clipper City Rail Trail goes through this area, and also extends into neighboring towns. The Trail runs along the Merrimack River, and includes: lovely coastal views, sculptures, murals, boardwalks, and more. The Rail Trail is still being built, with one Phase remaining in construction.

We had a refreshing coastal Adventure to begin the New Year, spending about two and a half hours in Newburyport. The sun was shining, and the wind gusty, the perfect mix on this winter day. I had been to the area back in July 2011 with Shadow and Buster, on a much hotter day, but had not explored much of the Rail trail. We began our Adventure at the waterfront park, instantly feeling refreshed with the sun streaming down on the beautiful blue River. We started down one side of the trail until the trail ended in construction, where we quickly turned around. This location of the trail wove through areas of sculptures, along the water, past many boats, and near two shore-lighthouses. One lighthouse seeming to be decorative, while the other appearing to be a working lighthouse for the Coast Guard. There were several dogs, bikers, joggers, and walkers also enjoying this fun Trail.

After completing this portion of the Trail we wandered throughout the Downtown area, filled with shops and restaurants, many still decorated from the holidays. The streets were stone, the buildings brick, providing a unique and picturesque spot. We walked and walked enjoying to exercise, and cool breeze. We visited Frog Pond the center of “Bartlett Mall” before turning around weaving in and out of each street. Many others out shopping, feasting, and relaxing with family and friends.

Lastly, we headed over to the other end of the Clipper City Rail Trail. The Trail lead along the River, next to a restaurant, and then under several large bridges. The area had various sculptures and even a mural painted under the bridge. From there we crossed over to a sitting area with rounded benches before heading over a boardwalk to the section along a beach-like area. We strolled for awhile before turning around and heading back. Definitely a lovely day to be out enjoying this special Trail, a place I am sure we will return in the future (Rating: 4).

P.S. – Hoping video’s will agree to download in the near future, but now for a picture collage – please see below.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!

So today I would like to say Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays to all my followers, friends, and family! I am so lucky to have an amazing family to fill us with love and cheer during the holidays!! Christmas is a very special time for us to celebrate our wonderful family, relax, and make memories!

Over the years I have begun a tradition of taking holiday photographs of Shadow, Wilma, and Buster (who we miss dearly). I quickly have gathered some of these special photographs to put together a little collage. Some are fancy, and some are simple, yet all a happy collection of my loves.

We hope this collage will add a smile to your face as well…we are now off to plan our next Adventure!

December 23, 2018 – Marginal Way – Maine

Yesterday we Adventured to Marginal Way in Ogunquit, Maine. This was at least our third trip to Marginal Way as we have also been there with Buster and my Mom. Marginal Way is a well known, coastal, cliff walk along the Atlantic Ocean. The path is approximately 1.25 miles in length, looping along the coast. It is lined with benches, lovely landscaping, and has beach areas along the way. It is dog friendly from October 1 – March 31.

We had a gorgeous Adventure to Marginal Way. We picked an exceptionally breezy, and sun-filled winter day. We were pleased to find very few visitors, leaving us to especially enjoy the tranquility of this magnificent trail. The water was crashing along the rocks, creating a lovely song, and quite a picturesque scene. We walked along the trail, taking time to climb a bit on the rocks, and of course snap some photographs along the way. Unlike most of our previous visits the tide was in, leaving no sandy beach to play, or spots to sun bath in the warm sun. However, we did wander down to one of the beach areas, filled with perfectly rounded rocks. Fond memories of Buster and Shadow playing on the beach filled my heart as we enjoyed this spot. We did not stay long in this area, as the rocks were a bit unsteady.

We then headed up the stairs from the beach, continuing on the trail. Approximately halfway down the path we arrived at the little wreath adorned lighthouse adding quite the scenic touch on this coastal stroll. We of course took some photographs of this lighthouse, before returning to our walk. Although we often walked at a good pace, we did not miss a moment to enjoy the full sensory experience.

After finishing the trail, we wandered through the vacant, holiday adorned town, before heading over to Ogunquit Beach. We were disappointed to see that dogs were not allowed, so walked nearby viewing the vast blue colors of the sea. We soon headed back to the Marginal Way finding the “footpath”, an area of the path that is separate from the main trail. We then returned to the main sidewalk back to stroll along the cliff-lined trail. Although the brown Winter time of year, the beauty of the Ocean, rock covered cliffs, and symphony of the crashing shore makes this location a one of a kind experience. Definitely one of the best coastal strolls you will find in New England. I cannot even imagine how beautiful it must become in seasons of bloom. Below you will find a collage of our different visits, all together. If you are ever in the area do not miss this fabulous location (Rating: 5)