December 2, 2018 – Tasty Dog Cookies

Today Shadow, Wilma, and I decided to make some dog cookies. As you may notice, if you follow my blog, our new and fancy Adventures slow down a bit as we get into the early to dark evenings, and the winter weather. However, there are many other things we do that I do not blog about, including: daily neighborhood walks, trips to the pet store, other local walks, Adventures to places we have already blogged about, and visiting our amazing family.

So today I thought I would blog about one of our fun “other” moments, enjoyable Tasty Dog Cookies. I started with finding a recipe online, with some healthy dog ingredients, and then tracked down my cookie cutters, including a squirrel for Wilma, a fire hydrant for Shadow, and a bone for all. Although quite disappointing in presentation, there was no lack of anticipation. Don’t tell Wilma Mae, but I let Shadow sample a couple of cookies, while she was out back stalking squirrels. Not one complaint! Wilma soon was able to sample some of her own, displaying a full bundle of enthusiasm. I even decided to make some people cookies for myself and our company tonight, making quite a perfect addition to our evening. I saved some of the dough for a future night of delicious cookies. So although we will likely plan for a different recipe on our next cookie Adventure, our appetites were satisfied.

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