February 17, 2019 – Fort McClary Historic Site – Maine

Yesterday Shadow, Wilma, My Mom and I visited the Fort McClary Historic Site in Kittery, Maine.  This is the second, or maybe third time we have been to this Fort.  Fort McClary is located along the Piscataqua River.  It was part of five significant wars, and is one of Maine’s most important historic Forts, serving as protection for more then 275 years.

We had a simple, but historic visit to the Fort McClary Historic Fort yesterday, one of our many stops on our two day Maine getaway.  (most of which I’ve already blogged about but some new Adventures too).  We had visited Fort McClary previously with Shadow and Buster in October 2014 so a bit chillier on this February winter day.  The gates were closed, and the grounds icy so we cautiously approached the Fort.  We ventured up to the Fort, and I ver to the water’s edge, stopping at various landmarks along the way.  As you gaze across the River you can see the Portsmouth Harbor Lighthouse from a far.  There were some historic write-ups along the way, while various buildings and locations were identified by titles. and dates.  Shadow enjoyed some grassy rolls, while Wilma hopped from various cement blocks watching other visiting dogs from afar.  Wilma often appeared to be interested in the history, peering into doors, and hoping onto windows, always creating a comical laugh on our Adventures.

While I sometimes wish I was more a history buff, I find myself more drawn to the structures, views, moments, and photography opportunities along the way.  Although I found Fort McClary simple compared to many I have visited, it was quite rich in history.  I was disappointed to not find any great photos of Buster from our first visit, but have mixed photographs from the two visits into one collage below (Rating:  3).


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