Throwback Adventure – Chesterfield Gorge Nature Area- New Hampshire

I will have sections of my blog that I will title “Throwback Adventure”, and will plan on posting them every Thursday. These are journeys we have taken before I started the blog, but are well worth sharing. Many of these Throwback Adventures will include our Buster, who was known for his crazy tail, his happy howl, and his zest for life. We miss him dearly…he is forever in our hearts!

Back in October of 2015 Shadow, Buster, and I Adventured to the Chesterfield Gorge Nature Area in Chesterfield, New Hampshire, also referred to as the Chesterfield Gorge State Wayside.  This Area is a small state park at just 13 acres that features the Wilde Brook, a trail, and a rocky gorge with waterfalls.  There are picnic tables and a visitor center that is open in season.

We had a fun Adventure to the Chesterfield Gorge.  As you may have heard my Throwback memory is not as detailed as I would hope.  However, I remember finding the location almost to ourselves.  We began following a trail along the River, and ended up finding us to a scenic little bridge, where I was able to take one of my many, all-time favorite photos of Shadow and Buster.  The Gorge was simple, but tall, fenced off in several areas, and although I guess this was for safety, it really  interfered with the true nature experience.  I believe the trail looped around in almost a “u” shape with some up and down climbing alone the way.  It was a short walk but we certainly took our time enjoying the great outdoors.  We found different spots to sit and relax, the boys enjoying many sips and dips in the River.  Definitely a wonderful Fall day at the Chesterfield Gorge.  I have include a quite amateur sideways video at the bottom, but it gives you a good visual of the main gorge-waterfall.  I do hope to be back to visit the Chesterfield Gorge.



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