April 28, 2019 – Thunder Hole – Maine

Yesterday we Adventured to Thunder Hole in Bar Harbor, part of the Acadia National Park in Maine.  Thunder Hole is a popular location where the ocean waters crash into the rocky shore.  The Hole is an inlet that occurred naturally, causing the water to sometimes shoot up to forty feet in the air.  There is a small cavern under the water that intensifies the experience.  A Thunder sound is often heard, leading to the name.  A fenced viewing zone is in place, creating an up close experience.

Yesterday we had a thundering Adventure to Thunder Hole in Maine.  This was our second visit to Thunder Hole as Shadow, Buster, My Mom, and I had visited previously.  On our first visit it was warmer, greener, and foggy, while today bright, cool, and sunny.  We were pleased to see less visitors to this spot today, although still an overly popular area.  Upon arrival we noticed that the area directly next to the “Hole” was closed due to unsafe conditions.  This was a little disappointing, although we were still able to get pretty close to listen to the loud thundering sound and watch the waves.  On some days the water splashed high above and into the viewing area, however it appeared a bit calmer today.  We found a spot a little above the “Hole” to watch, before walking along the rocks.  Due to the recent torrents of rain some of the rocks appeared to be little brooks, flashing me back to our mountain Adventures.  Shadow and Wilma sure did enjoy this added bonus with fresh water drinks.  We wandered through these streams before finding a quiet area with a little cool cave and shade to sit and relax.  Shadow enjoyed the comfort of the cave, and laying in the sun, while Wilma stood watching every movement of all things short and small.  The shore view was gorgeous, the water perfectly blue, and the waves crashing in sound.  The rocks in this area tend to be more square in shape then circular, and brown in color, creating unique tones to this spot.  It was nice to feel the sun on this spring day, almost too sunny for great photographs.  We relaxed for a some time before heading off to our next Adventure.  I will include some photographs from both of our visits, and two videos from our visit yesterday.  And although I do not prefer tourist types of natural attractions, Thunder Hole is definitely worth your visit (Rating:  3).









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