May 18, 2019 – Long Hill – Massachusetts

Today Shadow, Wilma, my Mom and I Adventured to Long Hill and Sedgwick Gardens in Beverly, Massachusetts.  This property is a 114 acres in size, the former estate of Ellery and Mabel Sedgwick.  It is currently owned and managed by the Trustees of Reservation.  The property includes:  gardens, the brick estate, trails, an orchard, a child’s garden, the “Food Project”, and a library specializing in horticulture.  Tours are available in certain seasons.

We had a fragrant Adventure to Long Hill on a gorgeous, sunny spring day.  It was exciting to find yet another dog friendly garden, what has become the theme of our recent journeys.  Upon arrival we located printed property maps and started on the nearby path.  Almost immediately we were greeted by a beautiful tulip garden, although a bit past peak, lovely in is own way.  We walked around leisurely finding many colorful blooms, and a bright red tower feature, highlighting the Japanese gardens.  There were footways in different directions leading to unique landscape features and just about every color that you could imagine, from yellow, to pink, to blue, to purple, to white.  We soon arrived at the brick estate, as expected surrounded by flowers, trees, and lovely landscaping.  It was almost a magical experience as if we had been transferred into another culture.

We found a perfect, shady seating area next to the estate to relax and enjoy the gardens.  We conversed for a bit before Wilma and I decided to take a hike on some of the trails, while Shadow rested in the shade with my Mom.  Shadow and Wilma were not too pleased to be separated, but we felt this was a good for both of them, as Shadow appeared a bit warm in the heat, and Wilma quite energy-filled.  So we carried on with the plan knowing it was best for both.  The trails were simple, and overall well-marked.  There were maps along the way and signs marking various trails.  Somehow we became a bit lost when missing an expected turn but soon found ourselves back on a familiar trail.  As planned our walk was fast paced and energetic.  We soon returned with Shadow and Wilma quite thrilled to be reunited with one another.  Sweet kisses for all!

After our walk we savored a picnic as we smelled the aromatic flowers and gazed the beautiful property, watching visitors passing through.  My Mom rocked her sun-hat fitting right in to the lovely scenery.  While Shadow particularly enjoyed a cool dirt corner, Wilma chased after some bubbles floating by.  It was therapeutic, peaceful, and quite tranquil.  From there we ventured to our last stop, an area scattered with flowering fruit trees.  We sauntered through the gorgeous trees, many of them exceptionally fragrant.  Shadow, Wilma, and I sat under the trees as my Mom snapped some photographs.  It was hard to leave not wanting the spectacular Adventure to end.  However, we eventually headed out, another memorable Adventure.

So as you may guess this is yet another property I discovered through the Trustees of Reservations.  We loved our Adventure to Long Hill and will expect be back (Rating:  Gardens – 4, Trails – 3).

PS – A rolling video just for you Liz!




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