March 25, 2019 – Wintergreen Park – New York

This weekend Shadow, Wilma, my friends, and I Adventured to Wintergreen Park in Canajoharie, New York.  Wintergreen Park features the Canajoharie Creek Gorge and Wintergreen Falls.  The Falls is 40 foot in height and includes smaller cascades.  Trespassing signs are posted at the gorge as a result of numerous deaths and accidents, so it is not accessible to visitors.  The Park also features a 1.5 mile “scenic trail” which leads guests to the viewing deck above Wintergreen Falls.  There are picnic areas within the Park.

We had a water filled Adventure to Wintergreen Park on a warm spring day.  We were excited to go on yet another Adventure with friends!  Quickly we found the “No Trespassing” signs specific to the gorge.  We wandered around leisurely, savoring the sounds of rushing water.  The rocks around the gorge were gorgeous, and although I was bummed to not get an up close and personal view we appreciated the landscape from afar.   The birds were chirping and it was a simple, but lovely natural area.

We were determined to find the “scenic trail” and although we expected to find it near the gorge we eventually located it in an unforeseen spot near a panoramic field.  We were excited to traverse this trail.  The trail followed the creek from above, through the woods, and across a bridge.  The trail was surrounded by bright greens color, including some wild flowers here and there.  There were several little spots to view the cascades, however the sight was mostly covered by leaves.  Wilma often trotted a head with my friends, while Shadow and I took in a casual walk at his pace.  It was fun watching Wilma trying to figure it all out, quickly gaining the trust of new leaders.  We appreciated this short hike, and soon arrived at the viewing deck.  Shadow and Wilma became instant celebrities with photos and belly rubs from a family of children who were ecstatic with their presence.  We checked out the view, again quite covered with leaves, however took in the moment.  We enjoyed some time at the landing before heading back to our cars.  It was so nice to have friends join us on this Adventure!  Lots of laughs along the way (Rating:  3, Company – Amazing!)




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