March 25, 2019 – Dinosaur Footprints – Massachusetts

Today Shadow, Wilma, our two friends, and I Adventured to Dinosaur Footprints in Holyoke, Massachusetts.  Dinosaur footprints is the location of more than 130 tracks carved into sandstone.  Researchers believe this prints are from two-legged carnivorous dinosaurs, by the great Tyrannosaurus rex, and from various fossils.  The property is owned and managed by the Trustees of Reservations.

We had a paleontological Adventure to the Dinosaur Footprints on a warm spring day.  We were excited to have friends along with us on today’s Adventure!  We followed a short path down to the sandstone where we found numerous dinosaur prints engraved in the rock.  Some of the prints were small and others were large, some hidden, and some clear.  It was fun to imagine their paths as they walked many years ago.  There were informational kiosks along the way providing lots of information about the site.

We continued walking where we found water streaming through two cement holes and down, forming a scenic, rocky area.  We hopped along careful not to slide on the slippery rocks.  We did not find any additional tracks in this area but enjoyed exploring.  From afar we could see the Connecticut River, a large River with flowing current.  It was the perfect backdrop to this unique location.

So as you may guess this is yet another property I discovered through the Trustees of Reservations.  We enjoyed our lesson in history today at this distinctive site.  So glad we could visit the Dinosaur Footprint property today (Rating:  3, Company – Perfection!) 


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